Aug 30, 2010

A bit too easy (time to step it up even more)

At the end of my first full week of under 2000 calories a day I took time to stop and reflect over where I had been only a few weeks prior and where I want to be. Moving to 2000 calories from, who knows 5000, 6000, was a change and I can already feel the benefits of eating healthier..... but ....
It's just still a little too easy. I decided starting tomorrow I am going to cut another 500 calories a day. At 2000 I felt like I was choosing to eat all 2000 calories a day just because I had them. I know I could maintain 2000 calories but at that many I know it will take longer than I am willing to wait for results. I would rather set my new goal to 1500 and go slightly over an occasional day than easily hit my current 2000 goal everyday.

I grow more uncertain about my surgery as I make new efforts and achieve goals I never have before . On one hand, I am still gunning for it because I know that with it I could maintain an even lower caloric intake a day, lose significantly more weight a lot faster. On the other, I am making headway in a whole new way this time around and could think of no greater success story for myself than to defeat obesity through will power, perseverance & support from those who care about me. The question will come down to this: Will the benefits of getting the surgery still outweigh the risks and significant financial burden if I am able to maintain 1500 or even 1000 calories? I hope everyone who reads my blog and is considering surgery as a solution is asking themselves this question everyday up to the surgery. The only thing I think that would be worse than not getting the surgery, struggling for another year and then getting the surgery is getting the surgery without taking one more all-out effort and then finding that I probably could have done it on my own.


  1. Easy solution. I did this also, and here we are. Start on the first of September, or the day after Labor day. Follow the exact diet that you will have to pre-op and post-op for a gastric bypass. I will send you the link from Duke University, the leader in the field. Take 60 days out of your life and follow the plan as I have, and as you will have to if you want the surgery. Commit to the exact plan, do not cheat, and convince yourself as I have, that you are having the surgery, have the surgery, and live the life without actually having it. If you can succeed, and I know you will, in 60 to 100 days you will be under 400 lbs and ready to tackle the world... Try this, it will save your life !!!

  2. And as there will be plenty of thoughts under this, I will add,,, Been there, done that, get serious, it is time !!!!

  3. I think what you are planning to do is an excellent step to the rest of your life. If you believe that you can do it on 1500 ,I know you will
    I lost 85 lbs since Feb 2010, and have 40 more to lose, but I am using this new ,My Fitness Pal planer, which only allows me 1700, but with exercise, its up to about 2100, but thats more than I need, I do make it to the gym every morniing for 75 mins on cardio, the tread mill

    I kind of plan my meals with this Pal Planner and it works as a guide for me daily......I did use the other one, the Fit Tacker, but the Pal planner is less complicated and easier.

    I didnt have surgery, I started out at 341, now at 250 and its going fine......
    I say to folks, Im not a diet......I did a life change and am only going forward on this plan.........Good luck, you can do it......

    Im 55 and hanging in there, got lowered blood pressure now, no signs of exercise induced asthma, and my total cholesterol is 102.........great numbers for me.

    Not only do I feel better, but medically, Im in great shape......the best of luck

  4. Go boyeee! You can do it! I'd love for your to send me Allan's plan!

  5. Mike, one thing too, and its been said before on these blogs, but dont dwell on the scale and numbers

    I had a nice pair of slacks, 40 inch waist that I barely was able to put on 2 mos ago, and yeah, the waist now is kinda tight, but man, let me tell you, I lost a ton of weight , or mass, what ever you want to call it, but the area from my buttocks to my knees has really reduced in size. I kinda have big calves, and like I said, the waist is a little snug, but I have room, lots of room in the seat of the pants.....Im losing my rear and all that extra flab from my buttocks to my knees.....hurray

    Thank you Mr Treadmill and the 75 mins a day I use you......

    That is why , and I learned from these bloggers, not to dwell on the numbers, but note when clothes begin to get "loose",,,,,,,I cant tell you how it feels, but man, Im shocked and I know Im on my road a longer healthier golden years...........Good luck, Im rooting for you.

  6. Shelley,
    Come on over to the dark side... Diet is posted, or email me...

  7. I am working to 1000 calories. Knowing myself if I plunge I fail. Got my toes in the water at 2000 calories, up to my waist at 1500, plan on getting "all-in" with 1000 just down the road. Part of the process is just learning HOW to eat at low calories and not hate life or the food I eat. At 2000 calories I have been able to see places I can trim calories that have no real value to me and I am sure at 1500 I find even more to get me to 1000. Shelley your my sis, I love you, you inspired me to go for it. It started when you and Cason stuck to your commitment to cut out all fried foods. It was kind of the "if they can do it, I can do it" thing. I have found it is easier for me to decide what I AM going to do than what I am NOT going to do because the nots come natural.
    Thanks for the encouragement. Much love.

  8. Mike,

    I left an award for you on my blog.


  9. Hey Mike, you are doing awesome. Glad you have decided to eat healthier because if you go through with the surgery you will be forced to. Why not have a good, solid start. Great post Mike.

  10. Great post Mike! I love that you are feeling empowered and confident! I know you will make it on your own. Maybe you can save the money for WLS and use it for plastic surgery to remove excess skin :-)

    There's nothing wrong with taking baby steps. Some of us are more confident doing it that way. There's no doubt that the plan that Allan is on works, but not everybody has the emotional wherewithall and support needed to do it. I'm glad he does. He's done amazing work.