Aug 5, 2010

Bye bye SODA !!!

So in my preparations to get weight loss surgery I was told that I will not be able to drink soda pop any more. The carbonation can cause issues because it expands in your gut. Anyone who knows me knows I have been a long time Mt Dew fanatic.I am no dummy, I know that this sugar filled, caffeine concoction is one of the BIGGEST contributors to obesity but somehow that never used to stop me from guzzling down a cold one. Check out the nutritional info on the stuff. This is only for 8oz. If i was drinking 64oz, that's 880 calories !!! That's almost half the recommended daily intake. I switched to diet Dew but it had about the same appeal as diabetic chocolate.

Crystal Light On The Go White Grape, 10-Count Sticks (Pack of 6)Then the heavens opened and a column of light illuminated me to my new best friend, Crystal Light White Grape. I love this stuff. Not only do I save big bucks (they are about 35 cents a packet) but 8oz is only 5 calories! Because of this stuff, I have not even missed my Dew. "But what about the caffeine" you say. "Surely you crave the Green Beast when you are pulling an all nighter right?" Not so my friend! Crystal Light has "Energy" flavors. My favorites are Wild Strawberry & Peach Mango. My bases are covered and hopefully my butt will begin to recover from an early life of Dew addiction. Cold turky ... one month and counting!


  1. Mike, after my mom had this surgery she searched high and low for a "non-tea" non-carbonated caffeine drink. She never did fine one. So she started buying diet coke in two litters, opening it and letting it go flat for a few days. Now she drinks flat diet coke all the time. My kids call it "lolly juice" cause they call my mom "Lolly" and my dad is "Pop". Just a funny side note...

  2. Mountain Dew was by far my fave soda...I would drink at least 2 cans per day and I LOVED the stuff. Gave it up about a year ago and switched to flavored waters (ie Crystal Light) was the best thing I could have done.