Aug 21, 2010

Eating the Moment

Eating the Moment: 141 Mindful Practices to Overcome Overeating One Meal at a TimeIn my initial consultation for surgery, I met with a psychologist. I loved that the Surgical Weight Loss Center of Utah has a Psychologist in house. I was also very glad that it is part of the program. I truly believe that there the psychological changes are as important as the physical changes.   "Eating the Moment" by Pavel Somov. A lot of our conversation and advice she pulled straight from the book. I'm ordering it today. Has anyone read it?

Side note: Couldn't they make these books not look like they are from the Oprah Book Club? I'm not asking for a scene from Rambo on the cover, just something I can read in the break room at my work without catching flack. Oh well.

Other books the psychologist recommend:


  1. I think it's cool they have a psychologist too. I'd love to check out some of those books. And I think it's funny your comment about it looking like an Oprah book. It totally does!

  2. Hey Mike!! My name is Bob. I have actually just had the surgery done. Ifyou are interested, check out my blog. ( I have been through the wholw process. If you want to communicate, my email can be found on my blog. Keep it going and keep up. Brighter times are ahead. You have made the best choice of your life.


  3. Must be the marketing guys who decide to make it look like the Oprah books.

    Geneen Roth has a lot of good books about mindful eating. Check out her website at to see what fits your situation best. Most are about emotional eating and she has 7 guidelines that are simple ways to practice mindful eating.

    I bought "Savor" by Hanh which discusses mindful eating but I haven't yet read it.

  4. Pick up a .99 cent book cover [they are stretchy] at Target or Walmart and just pull it over the cover - no one needs to know what you are reading - and they come in innocuous colors.

    I think you should start a dialogue with the therapist about why you care so much about what others think - that can't be healthy - I do understand the weight thing - but worried about what you are reading? Do you question whether or not they are whispering about what color shoe laces you have? Honestly if you are reading about weight loss I would hope your coworkers would applaud you regardless of the cover of a book.