Aug 30, 2010

First Day at 1500 Calories & What I Learned

Just a quick list of things I learned on my first day at 1500 calories:

  1. Light feta is betta than chedda when it comes to cheese
  2. I was ripping myself off! (When I guessed my meat was 4oz it was 2.5 maybe 3)
  3. Bread, things have changed. I am just not the same man I used to be. I think we should just be friends. It's not you, it's me....okay it is you. True you have been there to comfort me these many years but I just don't like the person I am when I am with you. Surely you saw this coming didn't you? I mean it's not like our relationship was exactly healthy. I still love you but just in a once-in-a-while, whole grain wheat kind of way.
  4. One can survive hunger! When the growling beast of hunger comes lurking, much like a bear attack, it is best to play dead. Any sudden moves may trigger incalculable damage. Do nothing and often times hunger will just pass by. If you determine movement is necessary, do so calm and collectively only after considering your options.
  5. A lot of water = a lot of peeing.....a lot.
  6. Logging calories makes the biggest measurable difference in executing my goals.
  7. There is no way I could do this if I had not started this blog. Through this blog I feel that I find empathy not just pity & sympathy. Even those who don't comment, you drive me to do better each day by simply reading, relating and caring. I feel a kinship with this community of bloggers and truly want my "friends" to succeed. I know there is no greater motivation I can give to others who share my struggle than to be an example by beating the odds. I believe miracles happen everyday. It's no coincidence I decided to start blogging about my weight. It's no coincidence that when I did, I quickly met guys like Allen & Sean. It's no coincidence that you are reading my blog. Coincidences are miracles God isn't getting credit for. But I also know this, God helps those who help themselves. Praying for God to help you lose weight and then scarfing a plate of super nachos makes about as much sense as screen door on a submarine.

P.S. - Jumped on the scale and dropped 5lbs since last weigh-in!


  1. Awesome post. You made me laugh and then stop and think. There are new realizations everyday. Thanks for sharing yours.

    I love Orowheat Sandwich Thins (100% whole wheat). I can make a mean sandwich and keep it under 200 calories with one of those.

    How did you do with your 1500 calories? It's amazing how far calories go when you are eating good food.

  2. Only went over 50 calories today but I I made the decision to move to drop 500 calories per day after I ate a big breakfast. I am going to go for a walk to burn those before bead. (obsessed about meeting my goals).

    No lies, I got hungry today, but I was busy with work and school & that seems to help. Tomorrow is a new day and a new set of calories to learn how to manage. Planning on boiled eggs & one slice of bread instead of the quick turkey sandwich I was making in the morning. I do better throughout the day if I spend calories on breakfast and less on lunch.

  3. Good realizations! You're doing it! You're succeeding! Isn't it great to find out that you really CAN do it?

    How are you liking the self-soothing book? I'm distracted by grammatical errors myself. Chica needs a better copy editor. Anyhow, the message is good!

  4. Freaking Awesome !! Again, if God helps baby, bring him on !!! We gonna be thin together !!!

  5. I was walking up the stairs at school last week beside a guy who easily weighed 500 lbs. I found my attitude towards him much different than it would have been a year ago. As he was wheezing up the stairs, I gave him a smile and a nod. He's making good choices! It's not easy whether it's starting at 500 or 200. Every day has new challenges filled with all kids of choices. You are SO doing it!

  6. Great job!! I'm so happy reading your recent posts. I promise you... PROMISE... if you can manage to (mostly) eliminate refined sugar and flour from your diet where ever possible, after a few weeks you will begin to see amazing changes. You will loose weight faster, feel better digestively, and mostly you will start to loose your cravings for sugar and carbs. This may have not been an issue for you but it was huge for me. Either way, cutting out that stuff is going to change your life and your metabolisim. It was something I never in a million years thought I could do, but it is entirely possible. You just have to read your food labels and stay on top of it.

    Also - I am so proud of you for taking a stand and really looking at what you are eating. This is the key to success. Being aware. I would just encourage you to not be SUPER stuck on coming in right at your 1500 calories, but that is a very good number to shoot for each day. I only say that as I see so many people beat themselves up and give up when they can't make the magic numbers (scale, calories, exercise, etc) every day. I don't want you to do that. I don't want you to give up. This doesn't HAVE to be hard. It's just a matter of finding what's going to work best for you, and you will do that. I know you can!

  7. It is almost a fun challenge to see what foods I can make work with my allotted calories. I think it's an adventure to try new things and get food to work for me instead of me being a slave to it. I am discovering how jacked up my perception of food was. I had a mindset, if it is good for me it must be gross, that's stupid. I am finding I have a new appreciation for the foods I should be eating and really don't want the greasy, fried sweet stuff.

  8. I have to add that I categorically disagree with everything that Lisa says. Mike, you can eat tasty stuff after we get the first few layers off. As for doing it slow and easy, when was the last time your sprinted... Now is the time...

  9. Mike,
    Just wanted to let you know that I am following you in your journey and I am inspired by you. Keep in mind that you have lots of people wanting you to succeed. Good Luck with everything. We love your little family.
    Mindy and Greg

  10. I agree that a good breakfast can set you up for a great day! Your doing great.

  11. Thanks for following Mindy and Greg

  12. Way to go Mike! I know that my journey wasn't even close to what you are going through but I am right there with you, the challenge of staying within your calories is motivating and you feel empowered when you can walk away or say no to things that aren't best for you. You CAN do it by eating right and exercising. It is HARD but worth it because you feel like you've conquered the world when the changes happen because of choices YOU have made. Love you Bud!