Aug 19, 2010

I am doomed to be fat forever!

Well for at least another 6 months (which feels like forever). Just as expected the insurance company is requiring that I give it another go down "short-term-result ally" in order for them to fork out the dough. They want measured doctor visits for the next 6 months documenting all that the doctor wants me to try before surgery. Reasons why that sucks like a Dyson Vacuum:
  1. I have to wait to do something I have worked myself up to do for the last 6 months just to be told I need to spend another 6 months.
  2. Because of my other medical expenses I would have only had to pay $2,000 out of pocket before my insurance covers the rest if the procedure was done this year. Now I have to pay $6,000 + out of pocket because my  out of pocket expenses will set back to $0 in Jan. Not to mention all the other expenses with medication, checkups....
  3. I am robbed of the 6 months I could be loosing 8-10 lbs a month a week! I want to enjoy my summer next year at 80 pounds lighter. Take 6 months out and maybe I only loose 35 pounds by summer.
  4. I am very interested in advancing my career and I feel opportunities that would be mine would be hindered at my current weight. (Because all fat people are lazy...right?)
More to come about the details of the good parts of the visit (yea there were high points)


  1. mike,
    this is going to be a happy comment for you.
    I haven't read your blog before.
    but I wanted to say this. You don't have to wait to start losing 8 to 10 lbs a month. You could start tomorrow. It's what I did. I started.
    Not by cutting my calories to 1200 and exercising like jane fonda.
    by cutting my cals to 1800...Probably a good deal higher for you starting...more like 2200.
    And walking, first around the block...then farther..then a mile and then a mile and a half and then two and then one day I went to the gym and it's been my favorite place ever since.
    I didn't have as much to lose as you...just 130 lbs. I have lost 110 so far, and it has taken me a year and a three months to do that.
    But I am doing it. Someone who may be closer to you would be sean from a daily diary of a winning loser. He started at 505 lbs and has lost 250. Just some thoughts. What could it have to wait six months anyways.

  2. how about you start the pre surgery diet today lose 100 lbs in 100 days try it, it cant hurt and it works i can show you

  3. The 6 months diet before my surgery was the best thing that ever happened to me. Please see it in that light. You need this golden time to begin to make changes NOW. It will be completely overwhelming to wait until surgery to start changing your habits. Take it from someone who knows. My surgery is a great tool but surgery only gives you a smaller stomach. It will not fix your eating issues. It will not fix your emotional issues. Even with surgery you will still be battling the food demons. PLEASE PLEASE take advantage of this 6 months to make some changes. Do it a step at a time. If I can do it, anyone can.

  4. 1. You are NOT doomed.
    2. There is NO reason you have to wait 6 months to start loosing weight. Begin today!!!
    3. Considering how much weight you have to loose, by making some small changes you could probably be easily loosing 8-10 lbs a month anyway. These are changes you will HAVE to make if you want to be sucessful in your weight loss, and not make this surgery a complete waste of your $$$ and time. I know it is hard, I also know it is possible. I've lost over 40 lbs this year... thats only 8 months. This is the year I got serious. I used to weigh over 240 lbs, that is a hell of a lot for a woman who's only 5'-3". Today I weigh 153 pounds and still working on it.
    4. Try just making one easy change today. My advice to everyone who wants to know what my "secret" is: QUIT EATING CRAP!! That doesn't mean you have to change everything, that means not going out for fast food, and eating all the other overly processed crap available at any store. This doesn't mean forever. Although, for the life of me I can't understand why people who go through WLS continue to eat junk, even in tiny amounts. You don't need to starve yourself - I eat constantly lol... but I also come in around 1600-1800 calories for my day which is less than what some people consume for a whole meal.
    5. Move, even a tiny bit, each day. For sure, you will want to have some stamina for after your surgery. I've seen what happens to people who loose weight super fast and don't excercise. It's gross and it doesn't have to be that way. You cannot loose 100+ lbs and not excercise and expect your body to be anything but a saggy mess. Sorry but that's just true, unless you are very very young (under 20) then maybe there is hope. My FIL had WLS and lost 125 lbs. He looks terrible. He looks weak and sickly. He has no energy to excercise since his stomach is so small he can't get enough protien and fuel in there to make his body work properly.

    Maybe you can consider this 6 months a trial period to see what you can do, not just a waiting time. See what you are capable of, you may suprise yourself. See if you are able to make some sustainable healthy changes to your lifestyle. You will have to if you have this surgery. Well, you don't HAVE to, but if you don't there's really no point in having the surgery anyway. Believe it or not, I'm not against WLS. Especially for people who are very overweight - it may save their lives and I think that's a great thing. I am against people thinking WLS is the answer to all their problems and the magic soloution. You will still be you. You will still eat for the same reasons... which are rarely hunger. You will still need to do ALL the same work as someone without WLS but it will (in my opinion) be harder since there are so many rules and restrictions involved with WLS.

    Best of luck to you... now get out there and make some good choices!

  5. Thanks everyone for your encouragement and comments. I posted 8-10 lbs a month but it's actually a week.

    I think everyone needs to know where I am at and what I a doing so ... ill make a post,

  6. Hi Mike!!!!!! I completely understand your frustration. From the 1st time I met with the doctors until I actually got a surgery date was 6 months and that was super frustrating. I thought everything would move much faster!

    I just took it one day at a time and tried to become more active until my surgery -- I didn't loose one lb because I was still eating a lot but I improved my stamina a bit. lol I know that wasn't what the docs were hoping for they wanted me to loose like 10% of my body weight b4 surgery or something like that but it felt impossible.

    After your surg you are gonna drop serious weight really fast -- try to keep your mind on that instead of the time! =) You'll look awesome next summer! It'll be the best time of your life!

  7. Mike..

    Look at the six months as a blessing..because it is..If you were to have the surgery now it would be like giving an 8 year old a sports car to drive. There is no way that 8 year old would have the knowledge or maturity to handle a sports car, right? Same with you and a huge weight loss right now. You aren't ready. Not prepared. That is why the programs are set up the way they are. Use this time to learn everything you can about nutrition and about the psychology of your behavior with food. Dig deep into your behaviors and ask yourself the important questions. Because your issues will be there still after you lose weight and you WILL have to work to keep that weight off. If you spend this time learning about yourself and being good to yourself by eating healthy superfoods and natural good-for-you foods there is no way you will not lose a lot of weight in the next six months. But even more than that - even BETTER than what you lose - is what you will gain..You will gain the knowledge and the peace in knowing that you do have power and control in your journey to health. I wish you all the best on your journey and with your blog..Slimslampam

  8. OMGosh - Please! If you are planning on loosing 8-10 pounds a week, please please please!!! have a good workout routine established before hand. There is just no way your skin/body can keep up with a long-term steady loss like that without becoming a saggy mess. Unless, you put it on that quickly and you have very elastic skin. BUT, if you are diligent about working out REGULARLY, for the most part DAILY, (not just 2 times a week!) building muscle and all that good stuff I imagine it just might be doable. Also, I think it's important mentally. Just from a "look how hard/long I have to workout to burn xxx calories" point. You will look at food in a whole new way. You will really start to consider if it's worth the 5 hours of walking to burn off a cheeseburger or have it live forever on your ass. Sometimes it actually is.. most of the time it isn't.

    In fact, if you don't change how you relate to food, there is really no point in any of it. We go back to our old habits, relying on food to fill a million voids instead of being healthy fuel to make our bodies run properly.

    I understand that it would be extremely difficult for you to go out and jog 6 miles today, I can't even do that and I've been working on it for months now. But TODAY, today it is possible to begin establishing a new habit of movement and excercise. Even if it is just walking to your mailbox. You do what you can and you stop when you are tired. Tomorrow you do the same thing. Push yourself to go a bit further each day and before you know it your running an entire lap around the track - who knew?

  9. Not everyone thinks that fat people are lazy - I know I don't - but at your current weight - you are laboring simply to walk, I would imagine - and although it may be a wrong way to think why would your bosses want to promote someone who may die tomorrow.

    No offense, but don't blame your lack of promotion on what you think others are thinking - you are in the condition you are in and it is dangerous. They probably care more than you think and don't think you are lazy.