Aug 13, 2010

Lab Work and Physical

Met with my Doc for my physical and to get my lab work done. It took 3 needle pokes to get the veins they needed for the blood tests (I HATE needles!).

Dr. Schaat was awesome and made me feel comfortable. The EKG (heart mapping) was humiliating though. I had to take my shirt off, mount my fat lard on the hospital bed/chair. Nicole Richie couldn't have fit on that thing comfortably.

Then two skinny young female nurses stuck wires all over my fat body and ran the test. They were nice but it still sucked. I think nurses should all be 40+, heavy set and slightly unattractive. It really would help me be less self conscious.


  1. This post totally lost me on your blog - how dare you say that all the nurses should be heavy set so you don't feel self conscious - Are you nuts? No wonder Allan ripped you a new one.

    You did this to yourself - and you have to deal with it - and it is unfair to point out someone else's obvious healthy weight, discount it and make snide remarks so you feel better.

    Now I know where Allan was coming from. And believe me bringing Nicole Richie into this is not only cruel but actual people of normal weight DO fit on those chairs/beds.

    The most embarrassing moment I ever witnessed in the hospital was when they had to bring a wheelchair out for an obviously OBESE patient. The thing folded in threes - I was so sorry for the guy that had to get in. My entire family of 4 - Dad, Me, an 18 year old and a 13 year old could have ridden that thing and still had room for the dog. Ridiculous.

    Feel better about yourself some other way but don't imply that the nursing staff should be unhealthy just because you are.

    This is the stupidest thing I have ever read on a weight loss blog.

  2. PS - and the one you check marked isn't even 40 nor is she overweight. YOU LOSE.

  3. Oh chill out!. It was ment as a joke you bloke. I don't want everyone to be fat like me so I feel better about myself. If You read this then thought that you obviously don't get me or how I write. And this wasn't a NORMAL person doctor, it was a bariatric doctor who's NORMAL patient is obese. Be happy.