Aug 11, 2010

My habits become the norm for my kids

So I have been doing a lot of thinking about how I formed the habits that got me to where I am. Why do I eat even after I am full? To the average person it would seem common sense ... eat until not hungry then stop. Why doesn't my brain or my body think and work that way? Was it my upbringing, my surroundings how I socialized? Yes...Yes...&Yes.
How am I going to change habits in our home so that our children are not prone to consume the way I do did? Here are a list that will be expanding as I continue with this journey.
  • steer clear of carbonation: soda is a treat similar to a candy bar and is not something we keep in stock in our fridge, diet or not.
  • Do not use food as a reward: do not encourage emotional ties with food. It seemed like every time someone did well in school or sports it was "let's get ice cream!" I think maybe this is why I get overly excited to go out to eat and to order something that is not good for me. Replace food with fun activities or a toy ...
  • Plate Dinner: sounds simple but I never have a problem giving up seconds when my plate is made and Karlie puts extra in containers for a lunch or something. Also, I am pretty sure I have eat a whole portion when picking before dinner. I guess I need to either get out of the kitchen or be the one making it.
I love my children too much to be a dad that can't play or camp or ______________ (fill in the blank). And I don't want to them to have to go the difficulties of being an obese child. I am am making changes so we can have the life we were meant to.

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