Aug 23, 2010

The little extras (formerly posted as "Small Choices")

A couple small victories in the battle over the weekend. After dinner on Friday I decided it was to early for the kids to go to bead so I took the family on a short walk around the neighborhood. It was no Richard Simmons power walk but we were moving instead of plopping in front of the boob tube. The kids absolutely loved it and it made me realize I need to do more little things like that.

Also last night I had the option to stay home or go visit my mother-in-law's house with the kids to go see the baby chicks that had hatched. That may not seem like something even worth mentioning but it was making a choice to do something I didn't really want to do because I knew it was the better option. If nothing else I am making changes in the way I think about things.

This week is when the challenges become greater and making my health a priority takes extra effort because I am starting school. I will be taking 3 classes at the community college towards finishing up my business associates degree and starting my CS degree. Switching majors means I just added 4 years more of college but you have to go after what you love. Wish me luck with my new busy busier schedule!


  1. Dude, all the love in the world, but...

  2. Good luck, Mike. Baby steps worked for me. As you move forward though, make bigger steps so that you get where you want to be in a reasonable time. I wish you the best in your return to college. I'm doing the same for myself but I'm using an online forum to finish my degree. Do what works for you.:)

  3. Mike,
    Baby steps.. Look at your handsome boy and baby girl. You have this great line in your About me section...

    When I die and go to heaven, I am convinced it will be a lot like living on a houseboat at Lake Powell...

    Baby steps will get you to that houseboat sooner..

  4. I get your point but big steps in the past have turned into one step forward, two steps back.
    I have also started up at the gym 3 days a week for 10-15 min. sessions on the elliptical, that is part of my program. This post was to mention the small things I can do in addition to those things. It was more about how to win in the margins. Make better sense?

  5. Not really, but I am wishing you well and hope this works out for you !!! All good things !