Aug 25, 2010

Starting Up at the Gym

I have been exercising mostly by starting to walk around my neighborhood but last night for the first time in a long, long time I walked through the doors of my gym.

My wife and I used to clean the pool over at our old gym in exchange for free membership but having to clean the pool just made us not want to go.

Crossroads opened up just a couple months ago so Karlie signed us up. She has gone but until last night I had never opened the door.

As you can imagine,  going from a completely sedentary life to trying my had at one of the torture devises here was not high on my, things that are wicked fun list but I am glad I did it. My physiologist suggest that I start with just 10 min, just enough to get my heart pumping and me breathing heavy. I started and decided I could do 15 without overdoing it. I realize 15 min. is not stripping calories but it will get my heart stronger and my lungs healthier for the surgery.

Also, yesterday was the first day I shrank my caloric intake to about 2000 calories.I stuck to 3 meals, no picking, no seconds and I took time to eat. No liquids 1/2 hour before or after I ate.


  1. Physiologist - my ignorance - Blood work, blood pressure, you are okay to workout correct ?

  2. Yea for you!! You are on the right path to developing a new healthy lifestyle. Showing up is 90% of the battle.. or something like that. I am really proud of you for going - keep it up!!

  3. Starting now with the no liquids before, during, or right after your meals is perfect! It is one of the hardest habits to learn and maintain because we're so used to sucking down liquids while we eat to flush the food out and make more room for more food!

    Congrats on your visit to the gym. 15 minutes moving is 15 minutes moving you didn't do yesterday! Progress is progress no matter how small!!

    I have one (hopefully helpful) additional suggestion for mealtime that I was given by my nutritionist to help form the best habits for post-op life. Measure your food and set a timer of some kind and only give yourself 30 minutes to eat the food you've measured. Taking your time is good (and totally necessary) but the time limit is important to avoid slowly eating for too long of a time period and thus consuming more than is absolutely necessary.

  4. Mike,

    Congrats on deciding to go on this crazy LONG journey called weight loss. It's not an easy road to travel and there will be alot of times when you want to give up and say "what the F*&% no one will know if I cheat", at that time you need to think the only one who can defeat you is you and that your doing this so you can watch your son grow up to be a strong healthy man and dance at his wedding and play with your grand children, plus you want to stay around for alot longer to be a pain in your wifes butt - LOL. You can do it, you have alot of people out there who beleive in you and that are there to help you. Great to see that you went to the gym,but make sure your Dr say's it's ok. One last thing, if ever some snarky wet behind the ears teenager makes a off the wall comment again, think to yourself,1) fork him 2) the next time you see him if at all you will be thinner and he'll still be stupid.

  5. Your on your way! I have to admit that i chuckled as i was reading Anonymous :)

  6. Hi Mike, I ended up here through Allan's blog. I usually keep my mouth shut during this sort of thing but I just felt like I wanted to reach out. I will tell you I've been on both sides of this. I've had weight loss surgery at the young age of 15 (350 lbs). By age 21 I was back up to 330+ lbs and climbed up to a high of 378 lbs.

    My advice to you is find a therapist. It doesn't have to be one that deals with obesity but that might help. But there are issues inside yourself that maybe you are aware of and maybe you aren't that you haven't dealt with. Maybe the bariaric clinic makes you get therapy but if you've convinced yourself that surgery is the only way then I don't think you're really looking inward enough. I do think surgery can be a well used tool but I also have seen time and time again as people think it is what will "fix" them (my sister included who got it 4 yrs ago and has gained back most of her weight). I know for myself that I wouldn't be where I am with my weight if it hadn't been for therapy and really dealing with issues that I had buried my whole life.

    Whatever you do I wish you great luck. You sound like a good man, father and husband. I know you just want to accomplish something that has felt hopeless for so long. Just realize that it's not hopeless. Realize that each of us has what it takes inside ourselves to accomplish ANYTHING. It's not about some of us being stronger or having more willpower or any of that. It's just about making the choice, the decision and believing that it's possible. Doing the work it takes to get where we want to go.

    As for how to get where you want to be, there are a lot of ways to go about it. Do what works for you. It is your life and whatever choices you make need to be your own.

    Good luck I'm rooting for you! Dawn

  7. Thank you everyone. I have been cleared to exercise but the doctor wants me to start out nice and easy. The idea is not to try and shed pounds but to build heart strength.

    Thank you to everyone who has given advise. To clear up any confusion, I don't think surgery is the ONLY option, I just have decided it is the best.

    Thanks everyone for your support. All the love back to you.

  8. Oh cool, you are not set on surgery... Excellent, let's work on convincing you that you don't need it...Oh.. Listen to Bubbly too, she is pretty sharp..

  9. Way to go Mike! Counting calories and going to the gym. That is a workable plan! Rooting for you!