Aug 26, 2010

There are HOW MANY calores in that!

Today I found the best web site through Allen's blog. Actually, I think I am the only one in the fat blogging community that didn't get the memo about it.
It is a full-on calorie-counter, weight tracking web site.

Why I love this thing:
  1. It doesn't have so many features that it is confusing but at the same time it has enough options and custom settings that you can tweak it to track your plan your way.
  2. The food database has almost any food you can enter
  3. You can group items together and save them as meals
  4. You can hook them up to a tweet of facebook feed (see mine on the right side-bar)
  5. There are widgets so others can easily track the pounds you drop.
What would you expect to pay a month for this little beauty?
$15?.....$10?....$5? Noooooo!
It's absolutely free! 

But wait! there's more!
 Click here. now and they'll even throw in a free app for your phone!   (sorry no CODs)


  1. Cool beans..30 lbs lost.. Here we go...Excellent

  2. Hi Mike. I am in Davis County and I am glad I found your blog. I am on a journey similar to yours... I have lost 25lbs. and still have 140 to go. My brother had gastric bypass a year ago and after watching what he went through, I have decided to do it on my own. Each decision has to be our own and I am excited to follow you. Good luck!

  3. lets do it brynn. the more you reach out, the more support you will get. I am confident that this is what I have been missing from any other attempt. Putting yourself out there makes it so you can't lie to yourself. It's hard at first to be perfectly honest with yourself because you don't like what the truth has to tell you but it's what makes all the difference.

  4. I agree with what you said. Total honesty has been my motto this time around. I have blogged for 51 days now but I haven't yet gone public. I'm not sure why that has been so hard for me but I know I should. I have some of my friends and family that check in on me and it really means a lot.

  5. If you do go public, be ready for everyone to have an oppinion. But also be ready to learn a lot about yourself. Sometimes honesty is brutal but sometimes that's the only way we recognize it sometimes.