Jan 23, 2011

Feelin 90%

Tonight I feel I've kicked the pneumonia about 90% and started telling my wife I think I should start the week off right with going to the gym in the morning. She said "blog about it and then you'll have to!" So here it is.

I'll probably take it easy so I don't cough up a lung but more than anything I need to get back in the habit. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. I am excited to get day 1 under way. I also have adjusted my schedule at work to give myself more time in the morning so I can block out 3 days a week at the gym.

I need to strengthen my heart and increase my stamina but I'm no dummy, It's diet more than exercise that will make the biggest difference in my weight loss. Over the past few months I did not throw in the towel with my diet but at the same time I HAVE deviated from my 1500 calories-a-day goal. In order to get there I need to log my food again. Time consuming but necessary.

And thank you to my peeps for not skipping a beat in welcoming me back to blogging my progress. I don't know if I'll ever get back to posting daily but I will keep you up to speed at least weekly. Thanks for continuing to inspire me with your stories and your progress.

Much love,



  1. I will be hitting the gym soon as well!

  2. Glad you are feeling better!!

  3. You're right, 21 days is about the time it takes to make a habit. Hopefully you can start the habits of logging food and going to the gym. Keep up the great work! Cheers, Rick

  4. How did you decide on 1500 calories a day? The reason I ask is sometimes your body will go into starvation mode if your caloric intake is too low.

    Right on with the 21 days. I just finished a 21 day challenge where I exercised every day. And, like you, I ended up sick. Blech...

    Keep it up!

  5. 1200 calories sucked too much and at the end of the day 2000 calories left me feeling I still could have made better choices. When 1500 calories is my goal, sometimes I'll go over my 1500 calories a little and I am okay with that. If I set my goal to 2000 I would do eat 2000 calories EVERYDAY. I don't know, it makes sense in my brain :)