Feb 10, 2011

Blaaah! Morning people

Over the past couple of days I have done an informal study of things that I notice about people who are fit. If I am going to become one of these people and try to look like them (not fat), I need to do what they do, eat what they eat (in some cases) and think like they think. During my observations I came to an appalling conclusion. I need to become a morning person …. Blaaaah! I have never been known as a morning person … but then again I have never been known as a fit person either … correlation? As much as I hate the idea, I think so.

My observations:

- Morning people go to bed with a plan. Other than setting the alarm to take a speedy shower, throw some clothes on and tear down the street to work I have no plan. I have a hard enough time coming to terms with the idea of waking up let alone everything that may come after.

- I hate going to bed. MY time begins when work ends (I work 50 hours a week on avg.) I find excuses to not go to bed even when I am beet. Morning people go to bead before the sun goes down in the summer. They wake up and blow sunshine out their backend the rest of the day.

- Morning people are the ones who, more than most, find time to exercise, eat right and look for opportunities to be active.

- Morning people seem happier.

Over generalizing? Maybe, but I think that that is part of the “life change” I need to at least try and adopt. I think I despise the idea of transforming to a morning person because they have bugged me my whole life with their “…good morning” sing song voices and their positive outlook on life at 5 AM. Not making an7y promises but an experiment is afoot.


  1. Mike I love the mornings that is my time!! As hard as it is you can seriously train yourself. Make sure your alarm is set at the same time everyday, and eventually even when your alarm isn't set you will wake up! Also try taking a multi-Vitamin that will give you the extra energy in the mornings that you need! GOOD LUCK

  2. Well I at least SET the alarm for this morning:) But that ended up being a lot of snooze button hitting. I still think I was successful though. I Did get a workout in this morning but only had time for 25 min. but I ROCKED it on the elliptical.

  3. me and morning are usually not friends. really I want to be friends but morning is just not very friendly to me and difficult to get along with. yet i still want to be friends with it because you are right in that there is a lot of good in being a morning person. thanks for the post, i am recommitting myself to become a morning person. i am going to set my alarm clock right now and pick out my clothes for tomorrow. little changes can make a big difference.

    i am so impressed with what you are doing! thanks for blogging about it.