Mar 6, 2011

5 more pounds down and feelin like a champ

Saturday was the norm. Karlie dropped me off at work because the kids had a birthday party to got to. Got in 7 hours of overtime for a pretty quiet day at the office. Right now the money is needed more than having my weekends to relax or do activities. Karlie picked me up to take me home while she went back to the birthday party to pick up the kids. That would leave me alone at home without any kids for a whole hour. A rare opportunity to take a nap. As we drove home I began to prepare myself for my soft bed and some much desired shut-eye. The closer we got to home though I couldn't help but feel the nagging call of the gym.

This past week I fluctuated with my exercise. Overdoing it some days and going through the motions on others. I knew this would be the last opportunity to get a good solid workout in before Sunday's weigh in. As I thought about the possible disappointment standing on the scale, my nap became less and less valuable. I had Kar drop me off at the gym after changing at home and grabbing my workout music.

A solid workout for me is a 20 min cardio push on an elliptical. I keep constant speed at a fast paced walk for 4 min. and PUSH for the 5th min. I do this 4 times to hit my 20 min. I decided I would take a different approach because I had more time to dedicate to my workout so instead of doing the interval training I kept my heart rate up but stayed constant for 45 min for a total of 700 calories burned! Leaving the gym I was happy and proud.


  1. Oh Mike, I am with you. It is DANGEROUS for me to NOT get on the scale, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I know what will happen if I skip a day of weighing in. I will say "oh I know I ate poorly last night and now I'm just going to be upset if I gain, so I won't look at the scale today and then by the end of the week, I know I will have been 'better' and and and and ..." It's a big old lie I tell myself. I managed to stay off the scale for TWO YEARS and gained about 65 pounds. So, when the scale goes up, and I get all moody and weird, too bad. The little line that goes down DOES look like a jagged stock market graph, I tell myself. But not getting on the scale is dangerous for me.

    You continue to inspire me!

    XO GP

  2. Thank you, I needed that validation :) I was so excited when the 1 pound loss ended up a 5 pound. I am starting to see results. Today I love the scale, tomorrow I'll prob. hate it again. But in the end, we are friends.

  3. Good job on the work out! I recently started following your blog, I too have a blog documenting my weight loss journey and it's nice to find others that are going thru the same journey. Keep up the great work!