Mar 27, 2011

All you can eat buffet

This weekend was awesome. My wife and I don't have near enough nights out, so it was a long needed timeout without the kiddos. We went to Tucanos Brazilian Grill to celebrate my brother in-law's birthday. It's basically an all you can eat salad bar along with servers who walk around with different meats you can try. Cason, the birthday boy, and my sister Shelley are some of our funnest friends. Shelley introduced me to Karlie and Karlie introduced Cason to Shelley so we have been hanging out as couples before we were married.

Dinner was delish. My favorite eat at the salad bar was marinated tomatoes. They were in a balsamic vinegar with herbs. Most of the meat the servers bring around are beef but there was a promotion going on so they also served seafood. The Salmon was cooked perfectly but a little over seasoned. The cod fish was excellent. The 2 shrimp I had were amazing and fresh. Add a few bits of beef and some chicken. (Now keep in mind we are talking about 1 or two bites of each, not an entree' of each, which I probably would have eaten given the chance back in the fat Mike days.)  After dinner we went back to our place for presents. Delicious looking cakes were served from Nothing Bunt Cakes but I had none.

All in all, I would guess 6 or 7 ounces of meat. Needless to say, an all you can eat buffet is NOT on "the plan". Before making my choice to stop being fat, "all you can eat"  was the best part of a buffet. Now that I am committed to living healthy and fit, I saw a new perspective on buffet dining. I don't have to ask for anything on the side, instead of asking for no this or that, I just don't put it on my plate. If I did it over again I probably would have eaten less meat and more salads but that's a tweak compared to the overhaul change of my old buffet habits.

Eating out is now a calculated choice not an impulsive gorge-fest. Having made the choice ahead of time to eat out I had a breakfast of string cheese and a banana and lunch was a small turkey sandwich putting me at only 400 calories before dinner. 800 calories to work with for dinner was ample room to stay on track. Weigh-in on Sunday confirmed the dine out was not fatal with another 6 pounds lost.

Long gone are the days at an all-you-can-eatery doing the sigh-n-shove. What is the sigh-n-shove you ask? After you have consumed more than you thought possible, your eyes glazed over, taking in the comfort of the silenced bell that gluttony rings in your ear. You sit, satisfied, comfortable, full. Even the nagging hunger that brought you to eat more than you know you should tells you to stop. Your elbow on the table, fork in hand, food on fork. You pause, knowing the next bite could very likely be the bite that makes your stomach explode. Weather compelled by the need to get your money's worth or just because it's already on your fork, you somehow convince yourself it has to be eaten. Staring off in a daze, you take a deep breath, bring the fork to your mouth and chew as if you had no choice. Next time you find yourself in a buffet situation, before you head to the trough for feeding, stop and look. Look at those who are on their last bites, and when you see someone in the throws of the sigh-n-shove, maybe, just maybe it will help you recognize something about your relationship with food.


  1. Awesome post...I loved the ending.

  2. I remember that sigh-and-shove. I don't remember it fondly though! I'm glad those days are behind me. That's awesome that you have the self control to go out to eat, especially at a buffet, and stick to your plan. Fortunately, I'm able to do the same. It's a nice change!


  3. Not to get off subject, but what camera do you use? It takes the most awesome pictures!

  4. Ah my friend, this post brings on so many thoughts and feelings. Some are good and some are very bad. I just hope than one day I will have the ability to make the "calculated choice" to eat out. Right now, it is a safer bet for me to just not. I think I could handle regular restaurants but a buffet...absolutely not. All of the feelings and reasons you mention are why I must stay away from them.

  5. Rae Rae J, glad you enjoy the pics. Here is the info about the camera I use:

    Camera: Canon T2i Rebel (also called the 550D)
    Most used lense: Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Autofocus Lens

  6. Fun night out. Much needed. Now hitting it HARD this week for sure!

  7. wow did you hit the nail on the head! you seem to be sayin g all the things we are feeling thanks Mike, keep it going! Love Barb

  8. Married folks still need date nights. We plan them frequently, cause it's fun and it reminds us of those days when we were first wildly in love and reignites all the bonding/gooey stuff that you need to keep that fire going for 20, 30+ years. He's still Prince Charming, so I make those dates and just enjoy being with him like a wife should--wholeheartedly and with a bit of silliness and lots of laughter.

    Keep doing it. Go out. Treat her like a princess and let her treat you like her prince, and the fire will never ever ever die.

    I have avoided buffets for many months now. Those Brazilian (all you can eat meat on skewer) places are still the rage down here, and many in my neighborhood, even one walking distance, but I stay away. I can pack away a lot of salad bar and a lot of meat/chicken. Plus they're pricey..and I feel cheated not scarfing it up big. If I paid less, a lot less, I wouldn't care...but $40 bucks. Nah, psychologically, I wanna get "money's worth", which means "blow the diet".

    Keep at it. Keep having a lot of fun on the way, but less food fun and more date fun and love fun. Delight in the wife of your youth!

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  9. I have a buffet trip coming up the 18th of April. I will look at it the way you did. That was excellent and full of insights and more. I told you, you were doing awesome.
    Thank you for sharing and thank you for date night. It's been almost 31 years and we don't have date night but we do have Sunday morning breakfast out together. It makes my week.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  10. great job mike. I have always hated buffets. I was never a sigh and shover....I was a grazer. It adds up.

  11. Way to stay on track with all that yummy food!!! Good job!!! You are doing amazing keep up the great work!!