Mar 22, 2011

Skipped the gym to read blogs. Stupid

I have to get to the gym RIGHT after work or I come home and get involved doing something that seems important but has no value in accomplishing my goals. Tonight I got reading blogs and following people that I lost track of time and missed out on my opportunity to hit the gym.

Me: "Why did you skip the gym today?"
Myself: "Ummm ... because I was reading weight-loss blogs."
Me: "So you missed the gym to read a blog about how it's important to get to the gym"
Myself: "I learned a-lot though"
Me: "Idiot"


  1. lol. too funny. kind of like sitting and watching exercise infomercials.

  2. I HAVE to workout before I check on my blog or other blogs, because I will totally do this. @Christine...both the P90x and Turbo Fire are great! Don't even get me started on Flirty Girl Fitness or Hip Hop abs!

  3. I totally can relate, if I don't work out right after I get home from work I have a hard time motivating myself after dinner to work out. I am getting better at it but I typically do it right after work.

  4. Two words......SMART PHONE. I read mine onthe elliptical. Kill 2 birds, multitask. All that jazz.