Mar 23, 2011

Video Post 1

I always love getting to meet my blog friends in video. There is so much I assume in my mind about a person when I read their blog and it's kind of strange to actually here their voice and see them talk. So here I am in all my glory. I recorded this Sunday and am finally getting around to posting it. 

P.S. No, the camera does not add 10 pounds. I am really fat in person too. Haaa haaa.


  1. Great job Mike! You're looking great. The video is not working on your Blog but I watched it on facebook. Way to go!

  2. Did anyone else have issues watching this? It seemed to work for me. I sound sooo not interesting. Oh well first try. It's like I have the personality of Ben Stein. Bueller bueller ... Also, not trying to sound all know it all. Oh well. there is always next time.

  3. It was great Mike I think you are amazing Love barb