Mar 24, 2011

A weight loser's best friend

I am not a man of many riches but there are a few things I believe are worth not going el cheepo on. An ongoing list I have had includes ...

  • Knifes (I need to have at least 1 excellent knife in my kitchen. I love my cutco.)
  • Vacuum (Love my Dyson)
  • Barber (Super cuts is $15, Bernie is $10, She does better than Super Cuts so she gets $15)
  • Cordless Drill (hint - hint babe, I HATE my crappy Black And Decker that throws sparks I want a Dewalt )
  • Ketchup (don't judge, Heinz is hands down better than any other)
  • Cameras (Canon is my only choice)
All these things are used constantly. For something I am going to use once I will scrape the bottom of the cheapskate barrel for my purchase but the return on your investment is best spent on stuff that matters in your day to day life. I am not saying that the best is ALWAYS the most expensive, I am just saying don't scrimp on what gets you through your everyday life.

New Balance 883
The newest addition to my list is shoes. I used to not give a crap about my shoes. Why? Because they didn't effect my day-to-day life that much. I would grab a pair of Wal*Mart specials for $10 and wear them till I had to use liquid nails to keep the sole attached. (I really did this to the last pair.) Now that I am on my feet as much as time allows me to be, and doing cardio just about every day I have a new appreciation for a good shoe.

As a very large man, my footsteps are anything but dainty, in fact they are more like the water trembling steps of the T-Rex on Jurassic Park. There really is no way to be gentle on my joints when you have 400+ pounds of blubber sloshing up and down like a pillow case of vanilla pudding on a pogo stick. I thought the aches and pains in my ankles and hips were normal for a fat guy exercising. Then, at my father's suggestion, I finally broke down and bought a great pair of shoes.
New Balance 856

Pops is a pretty athletic man and has worked in clothing retail for a large part of his career. He knows a thing or 2 about buying a good shoe. He suggested New Balance because every shoe they carry is available in extra widths.

As luck would have it, there is a New Balance store about 20 min. away from my house. The guy there measured the size and width of my foot then had me walk on a treadmill to analyze my shoe needs. He suggested the 883 (pictured first) and the 856. I am pretty sure I have been wearing the wrong shoe size and width all my life, because both shoes felt like thy were made for my feet.

The shoes I was replacing were these:
Note the liquid-nail residue between the flap of the sneaker sole and the absence of all traction on the fake crocs. I look like a fat slob in all the "backup" shoes and the "best" pair has had any resemblance of support squashed out of the heal.

Standing with the choice between my new shoe options, I made the only logical decision. I bought both pair. I would wear the 883's to the gym because they flexed more, breathed more and looked more sporty and they had bubble laces so they wouldn't slip while rockin' it out on my gym machine of choice. The 856's would be my everyday shoe. They have a leather upper and would stay cleaner and wear better in day-to-day use while giving me all the support I needed for the impromptu stair climbs I like to do.

All the other shoes are trashed! (except maybe one pair to paint in). Making a choice about my health has effected my eating, my activity & my relationship with my wife. Now even the things I get excited to purchase have changed. Those sloppy, ugly shoes are a symbol of all the steps I took as a sloppy, apathetic, unattractive fat person. A new life. A new me. A new pair of shoes to keep me on this amazing journey.


  1. Well worth the money, now you just need to buy me a pair :)

    I see right through the "fat person", always have. You are the love of my life. xoxoxo Can't wait to be thin and sexy with you this next fall and winter.

  2. I love New Balance. Excellent choice! Good for you for taking care of yourself this way.

  3. I am with you on all those things ... I love my Dyson too!

  4. Dyson..HEINZ (my husband doesn't get that), and peanut butter. I can't go cheap on my peanut butter.

  5. Oh my GOD! This is the reason you are my new best blog friend. I JUST went through this same conversion when I was having a blister problem and bought a pair of sneakers that cost more than $12 at Walmart (see, it does cost more to live on the East coast...I bet they were the same shoes). When I walked in them the first time (while I still had potential blister issues) I was amazed at how much less tired my feet felt. I should just copy your post and put it on my blog.

    BTW, my new shoes are New Balance also.

  6. Well said Mike. Good exercise shoes are worth their weight in gold for sure because they prevent other injuries. Speaking of I'm about ready for a new pair. Time to scrape up some change...

  7. P.S. Started using "My Fitness Pal" today. I haven't been very careful about what I've been eating and it's time to be accountable again. Training for this mini triathlon is kicking my butt and I know it's because of the extra weight. Thanks for the motivation. Love ya!

  8. New balance are the best shoes. I love and wear them all the time. Check out Makita drills as well. They have a better case that will not break as easily as the "Yellow Brand".

  9. I love Makita too. My dad is a Dewalt guy and the ultimate fix it man so having battery packs and tools that are interchangeable with his is a big deal. He is the man I call when I need help with any project. Thanks for the recommendation though.

  10. Just saw your blog at Crazy Little Thing Called Life. I'm glad I checked it out!
    I love Ketchup. I won't judge.


  11. I love Canon!! OMG!!! By far the BEST!! ;) Not a huge ketchup fan, but wont judge. LOL! I totally agree with you on the shoes!!

    ((Thanks for stopping by my blog and showing some support! I really appreciate it!!))

  12. I find that my shoes, my food scale, gum, diet root beer and eggs are my best friends. Good post.

  13. I am right there with ya on the Ketchup and New Balance has always been my favorite after I figured out my feet are too wide for any other shoe. I remember mt first pair of New Balance. They were blue and my foot had never felt more comfortable. I felt like I could fly in them! Thanks for the awesome post, you are inspiring! xx

  14. I LOVE NB!!!! And I'll hafta try the 883's. I also love Lea & Perrin's Worcestershire...

  15. I'm with you! Workout shoes (And who am I kidding? Shoes in general!) are not something I skimp on! They change your balance and stability and affect your endurance... That is worth supporting with a couple of extra bucks!