Apr 11, 2011

One Day

One Day

This whole time I was one day away,
one day away from success.
Who knew the power
that 24 hours
could have on becomming my best?

I've always had the intention,
of a healthier life and physique.
but my thighs ar still rubbin'
and my blubber's still blubbin'
because of the day I would seek.

This whole time I was one day away,
only one day from leaving my sorrows,
But intentions can't win
& fat never finds thin
if the day that you change is tomorrow.

(A little poem I wrote for myself. I have been reading a lot of Shel Silverstein with my kids.)


  1. You wrote that? ha ha ha! God job babe! I love it!!!!

  2. Love it! It's today. We just gotta do it TODAY!

  3. That poem is amazing!! Good job!! You have talent my friend!!

  4. That poem is going up on my wall YEP MORE VINAL!
    I loved it Mike seriously it was so good and so true! Your amazing Love Barb

  5. I mean Vinly, vinyl how the freak do you spell it!

  6. Just for today, I will stay on my diet;
    Just for today, I will answer the call;
    Just for today, I will drink all my water;
    Just for today, I’ll give it my all!

    I didn't write this, just found a few months ago and loved it. I thought I'd share it with you.

    I love your poem. It's so good and true.

    Thank you for sharing, God Bless!!