Apr 27, 2011


After talking it out with my wife, I decided that the grey cloud over my head as of late is because I am overwhelmed with so many tasks and it takes me so long to figure out where to start when I have a moment, by the time I figure it out, I have no time to do it. Much like I let my weight get out of hand, my organization and planning need an overhaul too. I mean, HELLO! I used to work for Franklin Covey. The founders literally wrote the book on time management. I have been to seminars and taken time management classes with my wife. It's not a lack of know how, it is a limitation of my tools and a lack of execution that causes me so much trouble.

Last night, instead of going to the gym, I took time and made a list of over 65 things I need to get done, want to get done, want to accomplish.

In the process I discovered a few things that I need to make planning and managing my time efficient.

1. I need to plan with Karlie weekly
2. I need to plan my day before I go to work
3. I need a tool that fits the way I work to keep track of my tasks, schedules, contacts & documents
  • It needs to be wholly or partially electronic. I have to much information coming at me to be paper oriented
  • It needs to be portable, something I can have with me at all times
  • It needs to be connected (able to communicate schedules and tasks with others)
  • It needs to help me, not distract me.
Has anyone invented something like this?

I love the tactile aspect of Paper but it's not connected. Because it requires constant updating and is not integrated with processes I need to use with work and school, they are more work than they are worth.
Handhelds & Phones keep me connected and do not require constant updating but are a distraction and are to small to be effective in planning.
Laptops fit all the criteria but are not instant on and require "sit down" time to be truly useful.
Tablets fit the bill but the countless apps & games are hard not to be distracted by.

How do you find balance in your life? I don't want to be a fireman in my own life, running around all day putting out fires. I need to put some time and deep thought into getting back to a place where I am on top of things so I can focus on my weight and still get everything else done.


  1. Well... there are some great apps for iphones/smart phones as well as an ipod touch. Maybe if you can solely use the ipod for the task manager purpose that would work? And I am pretty sure you can sync with other calendars and such!

  2. I had an iPhone for a while and while it worked well, it is to small to see my schedule and tasks in one screen. iPad would be closer but they are expensive to not be a full featured OS.

  3. I'll tell you it's a constant struggle for me. With 3 kids and a career I am constantly trying to stay organized. I have tried to get used to lists on my iphone and I'm having trouble with it, so let me know if you if you have any good ideas for it.

    One of the best things I can say is realize you'll never get everything done and you'll never be perfect. Do your best and learn to prioritize what's REALLY important and let the rest go. You can only do what you can do.

    Good luck!

  4. I'm a bit late jumping into this, but...

    Pen and paper, Mike, pen and paper. And a good calendar with big squares. IPads, IPhones, Blackberrys, all are great, but there's nothing like pen and paper.