Apr 26, 2011


I always thought that as I got thinner, the closer I got to my goal, the more motivated I would become. I think I let my success corrupt my brain a little because I find myself slumping.

I have accomplished a lot since I started and there is no reason to stop now. During brief moments of insanity, I even find myself saying that I am happy with my weight where I am at, just as long as I am not SUPER FAT. Sooooooooooo dumb. Blame it on the weekend vacation up in Logan, blame it on the December weather we got over the past couple days now that it's almost May but that crap is not in my control. My attitude, commitment and drive ARE something I can control.

Time again and pull up my big boy pants and do it just because it's what I should be doing. Losing 300 pounds is not always fun or exciting. Just like kids, it's a lot of hard work, patience, practice but sooo worth every tear drop and every drop of sweat.

Ze Plan! Ze Plan!
I know Allan, "ze plan! ze plan!" Sorry for the totally obscure Fantasy Island reference. But every time I hear Allan talk about "the plan" that is all I can think of. Tracking calories, going to the gym, constantly telling myself not to eat this, telling myself to drink more water .... I am exhausted mentally. I thought that these things were going to somehow meld into my day and take almost no thought after a while. In some ways I guess it has but still...

No drastic fails or big giveup here. A lul in commitment and a relaps in apathy. Most days I can get myself motivated but once and a while I just need someone to shove me outy the door to the gym.

Please stay tuned as I reboot my brain.


  1. Hang in there, Mike. A lot of us are here with you cheering you on. :)

  2. Whew.....reading this post is like reading what I could have written right now! I need a reboot too! I'm just struggling to find it at the moment!

    One day at a time!!

  3. I have felt like I'm in a slump too. I still do everything that I'm supposed to (calorie, exercise, water, etc) but I'm not motivated lately! It is really a chore to get my butt going. I hope I'm out of this slump soon because I usually enjoy the gym and everything that I'm doing!


  4. It has to be a conscious thing. It can't be auto pilot this time, because it takes the decision to work hard. You are doing so great babe! Hang in there. I agree with Karen. There are a lot of people rooting for you!!!!

  5. Go Mike GO! Change up your routine a little. Workout with a friend or in a new place. This too shall pass! Hang in there! Your are doing so well!

  6. It happens. And don't fool yourself about motivation and it getting simpler. YOU have to continually feed in the motivation mojo. It has a tendency to flag. So just like, say, we have to read the Word and pray and be vigilant against temptation spiritually, we have to read motivational stuff (blogs, books, studies) and be alert and look for ways to incorporate healthy things into our life.

    It does eventually become a bit easier once you find your groove, but it's not EASY. Just becomes easier due to habituation. If you continue and let the habit take hold. Many people get to goal weight and regain (the majority, it seems, though studies are not a-plenty). So, to make sure you and I get to goal and DO NOT REGAIN a bunch or all, it will be lifelong vigilance. Once we stay at goal for 5+ years, it does, supposedly, become very habitual and easier. It becomes LIFE, instead of food being LIFE. ; )

    Remember, right now, you're a big guy. (And as a male, you definitely have the weight loss advantage,hormonally and physiologically and anatomically). Big guys lose big, even eating moderately (rather than sparingly). But as you stop being a big guy, get closer to 200....you will lose less weekly on the same calories/activity. At that point, you still have to find motivation in even a pound loss or two a week (rather than 3 oe 4 or 5).

    So, glad you rebooted. Now, fan the fires. Go, Mike go!

  7. You can do it Mike. It's hard, not going to be easy but you are strong, you are able, you can do this. I KNOW YOU CAN!!!
    Take care Mike, keep the faith. God Bless!!

  8. Im in the same boat as you, been having a few weeks of a rough patch and need to get back on track and get myself motivated again.

  9. It was great to see you randomly on the drive to Logan. Thank you for being real and inspiring! Keep up the good work, everyone has bad days!

  10. News Flash !!! 400 pounds is obese, just as my 265 is still very fat. You have more to do, no time for auto pilot. Finish the task, just as you would see anything else through to the finish. Don't make me get medieval on you...

  11. I think you're going to find that many of us go through feeling mentally exhausted with the process. Here's the thing though: there is no finish line. You take as as long as you need to take. Just keep on keeping on and don't give up.

  12. What helps me it to go "shopping" in my closet. I look at old clothes that I like and couldn't bear to throw away and try them on again. I did this on Sunday and things that fit 3 months ago are now too big and thing that I couldn't wear are getting closer to fitting. In about 30 more lbs, I'll be able to wear one of my favorite outfits that I haven't worn in 5 yrs. Keep up the great work that you have done so far. Look back at where you were and refocus on where you want to be.

  13. GREAT! Now I'm going to hear that in my head now too. Thanks a lot.

    Ha ha!