Apr 22, 2011

Weight loss is basic math

Sometimes I wish I could just record conversations Karlie and I have about weight loss then have someone transcribe them on my blog. Conversation just has a way of bringing out interesting insights into the whole process.

Investing is tricky business these days. Invest in a company today and they may be gone tomorrow. Invest commitment and effort to an employer and in the end, it is only the manager that determines a promotion. Invest talents into school work and it's the teacher that decides the grade at the end of the term.

All the things I have invested my time, talents, money and sanity over have my success tied ultimately to how someone else feels, acts or perceives things. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, it just means that there is only so much control I have over my success. Weight loss is ultimately determined by ME and ME alone. AM I the only one who thinks that is AWESOME!?

Of course I believe that others can encourage, inform and inspire weight loss in another individual. If I didn't believe that, I wouldn't give a crap about this blog. Something about the mathematics simplicity of losing weight excites me. There is no ancient mystery of weight loss success. It is not a concept that can only be understood by only a select few individuals. It is MATH! Simple as addition and subtraction.

- 3400 Calories ( What I burn each day just living)
+1200 Calories (The calories I eat in a day)
-   700 Calories (The average calories burned at the gym a day)
- 2900 Daily Calorie Deficit
Okay, I know I said there would only be addition and subtraction but we are going to do some hard core multiplication & division next. Get out your calculator if you need to.
   2900 Daily Calorie Deficit
x       7 Days in a week
 20,580 Weekly Calorie Deficit
Last equation I promise.
20,300 Weekly Calorie Deficit
/  3,500 Calories (The approx equivalent to 1 lb of body fat)
      5.8 Pounds Lost Per Week
Now I have no illusions that any of these numbers are perfect or that any measurement of these variables is exact but no matter if you are following a trendy diet, using weight loss surgery or taking medications to stop you from eating, ALL methods are rooted in this math. Now usually I HATE me some math but these numbers are indisputable. Will the scale always read 5.8 pounds lost each week? No, but poop, pee and food in your belly aside, yes. So what if the scale reads something different? Does that mean the math doesn't work? No, it means that Mike didn't count the noodles he picked off his kid's plate or the extra oz of meat he justified sliding on his plate at dinner.

Get support. Find people who are already succeeding in what you want to accomplish but know that even with the best help in the world it only comes down to you and the numbers you put into the equation and when you step on the scale remember that it was you and the math, and math don't lie. But just to be sure the number is right, try to go to the bathroom just one more time :)


  1. I like this post. I also think it is awesome that it is up to me and me alone to lose weight. I do have a bunch of people that help and support me, but when it comes down to it I have to put in the work, I have to be responsible for what I'm eating, and when I have a bad day I have no one to blame but myself. That pretty much keeps me motivated!


  2. I used to think it was simple math. Now I know it's math+.:) There are variations of hormonal synergy (or dysfunction) in people that may have some who are the same age, sex, weight, etc, not lose the same on the same calories due to differences in DNA expression, insulin resistance/diabetes, growth hormone or testosterone or etc difference. If the body is primed for fat storage due to a cascade of hormonal imbalances, a normally sound low cal diet that one would think would lead to X pounds a week, may lead to X- in A person and X+ in another whose hormonal and fat mobilization/glucose processing system is in beautiful working order.

    BUT...the fact remains, that there IS MATH. And that math matters. I eat less and eat appropriately, I lose more (or just plain lose rather than gain) than if I eat more and eat innappropriately. :)

    I like that there ARE things under our control...and how many calories we choose to consume and what types of food we choose to consume and how much we exercise--that IS in our control. Thank God.

    Wishing you and your family a blessed holy day weekend...He had died, He is Risen, He will come again!

  3. You are starting to scare me.. Kinda like my old blog, with your name on it.. Argh..

  4. Really enjoyed this post! You're absolutely right about it just being maths too. (Excuse the extra 's', but I'm a Brit!) As long as you take in fewer calories than you use, boom! Changes will happen.

    Of course there are things that can unbalance the equation on either side - exercise leading to more muscle mass, extra water loss/retention etc, but as long as you stick to the formula, it'll work eventually.

    The one thing I've had to look out for personally is that as I lose weight, the calories I use just 'living' - my BMR - drops, so if you keep eating and exercising the same, as you lose weight your rate of weight-loss will decrease. As long as I keep seeing a loss every week though, I don't really mind!

  5. Very good Mike. I like Allan's post, yep just like his. You're learning, you're getting it and you're doing it. YEAH!!! for Mike. Keep it up Mike, you'll be at your goal before you know it.
    Take care my friend, God Bless. HAPPY EASTER!!

  6. Wow, not trying to rip off anyone else or their blog. I had never read the post everyone is talking about over at Mr. Allan's blog. I will have to look it up. While I have never read, or at least remember reading, this post from you Allan, it doesn't surprise me a bit that I have stepped in your footprint along the way. After all, I am walking the same path as you, you are just further on the trail. No copy and paste job here, just a fat guy having a moment of reflection. To be quite honest, I think I am more scared than anyone at the idea of sounding "just like Allan". Using mobile phone to comment but will be huntintg down the post when I get in front of a real computer.

  7. Whoa,,, I could not be happier, and I would be honored to be copied if that was the case. Proud of you and Karlie's success..Reflection is awesome..Never explain.. Your friend here does not need it, and any enemies you have would not believe you anyway.. It is all good !!

  8. Sorry, must have taken it wrong. Feel stupid now. All the same, I am still interested in the post you made. I need to find it.