May 13, 2011

Freekin Blogger

I had this post I was working on all day on my breaks at work and when I was done, I tried to post and Blogger was in "Read Only" mode. CRAP!

I posted all about how I started the weight lifting regimant at the gym. How I kicked the crap out of myself lifting and how I have been so sore the past couple days I can barely walk.
All gone.......

It almost makes me want to switch to wordpress....Almost


  1. If I'm not sore after workout, I figure it was a bust. If I'm way, way, way too sore (like for 5 to 6 days), I overdid it. :) A bit sore, but not so much, that's a good thing. (Regimen, babe, regimen. Regiment makes me think of the army or something....)

    Yeah, blogger and Youtube both have been funky today.

  2. First of all "so sore" is an understatement. And my whole post abut Kim is gone too. :( So Frustrating!!!

  3. I write in live writer and then publish that way if my computer screws up or blogger screws up it's saved because I hate when things get lost after all that work.
    A good work out only hurts for a bit, don't over do it to much or it's even harder to do it again. BUT!!! I'm proud of all the work you've been doing. Keep it up.
    Take care and have a blessed weekend.