May 14, 2011

I have never been THIS sore

So, I am really going to have to get used to the gift of soreness that body building is going to give me 2 days after my intense lifting. I know I should have ramped up to the heavy lifting and now I am paying the price.

The most intense and sweat producing exercises sessions I have done include intense muscle focus on one group such as chest and then follow up with 30 - 40 min of interval training. It is super intense and just like when I started loosing weight and dieting, I know I am going to just have to push through it.

It is strange to be able to see muscle definition that I already have with much of the blubber cleared out of the way. Upper body not so much but lower body muscles are starting to peek through. The only way I will be seeing abs in the near future is if I draw them over my gut.

Supplements are going well. I need to add a post workout supplement to help repair muscles faster and offset some of the soreness. The best stuff I have found so far is Glutamane

(P.S. Blogger saved this post as draft and was written like 3 days ago...)


  1. Being sore is the worst....and the best feeling. I have been changing up the way I run (more forward on my toes) which has increased my speed BUT my calves were SO sore the next it wasn't even funny. I haven't been doing any resistance training since I've been doing the triathlon workouts but I am going to start doing it because I know it will help but I'm not looking forward to those first two weeks. After that it gets so much better. That initial shock is brutal! The best part is though it ramps up your weight loss! Abby and I will be in town for 10 days at the end of this month can't wait to see you.

  2. I love it when I'm sore after a good workout! There have been times I've been so sore that I can hardly move and I think it's awesome. Yea for you! It does get better!


  3. Keep it up buddy all you need is to stick with your plan to get desired results. Please share more about supplements i am waiting....

  4. I kinda like the soreness too, that way you know that your body has been doing something! Not that PAIN is good but it sorta is.