May 7, 2011

Some changes going forward

Let me start off by first saying that I realize I am neither fit or thin... yet.

That being said, As I approach a "normal weight" I am am starting to ask myself, "what is after the weight loss?" Maintenance? That doesn't sound like what I am about. I want to be strong and have muscle. I don't want to be a thin Mike, I still want to be Big Mike. Not in a  "holy crap that guy just downed 5 burritos" kind of way. I want to be big in a "wow, that guy could pick up and throw that fat guy eating all those burritos" kind of way.

While following through with the current plan, until the end date I committed to, I will be changing it up after that. Allan's plan works to lose weight. I am changing to align with goals I have set for myself in the future. I will still be maintaining a 1200 calorie diet but the foods I will be eating will be more protein based and will include a regimen of supplements. While this may sound contradictory to my recant post when I said ...
I suggest, at least at first, NOT using meal supplement plans. Slimfast and the like are not a sustainable way of living in my perspective of things.
I  still stand behind what I said but let me clarify. Slim fast and meal replacements are meant to replace a meal. Does this method reduce calories? Yes. Does this method work? Short term...yes, long term ... debatable. The biggest reason I am against meal replacement supplements is that the opportunity is missed to eat healthy. When the Slimfast isn't there or the Nutrasystem runs out, how are you going to eat? It has been a big lesson in moderation, control and portion sizes as I have learned to eat at 1200 calories. I know how to do this now. I did not before even though I thought I did. While admittedly I have not mastered it yet, I feel I have at least passed eating healthy 101. No where near graduating.

I have been doing a lot of goal evaluating as of late and found that I am no longer driven by the image of a slender tender Mike. I am driven by the image of built, stacked, UFC cage-fighter Mike. I like to eat. I also like to go to the gym. The idea of "maintenance" makes me uneasy. I like the idea of pushing myself constantly. Weight lifting and body building seems like it would fulfill that vision. Don't worry, I don't have any crazy idea of eating like I used to AT ALL! I will be following my own plan. Basics include:
  • 1200 - 1500 Calories a day. This gives me some slack to modify the plan as I learn and make some changes. Low sodium and sugar, no carbination. I will be learning the principals of food composition I have learned so far.
  • 5-6 days a week exercising. This is the intense commitment portion of the plan going forward. 3 days a week will be cardio (elliptical & treadmill) and the other 3 days will be a weight lifting regimen that mirrors what my college football brother in-laws are training with.
  • Supplements will include protein shakes, a multi vitamin and Creatine.
  • Enough water to drown an elephant with.
This is a rough description of the plan I will be formatting. Obviously I will be consulting my doctor and maintaining my medications.


  1. I occasionally use whey protein for a snack or mini-meal (a no sugar one, 100 cals per scoop). I also take supplements (there are many things I can't eat, am sensitive to, and don't choose to eat, so there are holes in my nutrition (and I know this from a near-year of meticulous food tracking that showed me deficiencies--ongoing and chronnic--in zinc, magnesium, potassium, iron, etc. I don't do things willy nilly. When I see i don't meet at least minimum to optimum levels of certain nutrients, I supplement. Because I rarely sunbathe and am a nite owl, I need Vitamin D. And so on.

    I think intelligent planning of supplementation and meal replacements is fine. As long as one knows overall what one is doing and is not just following some weird ad or trend. And some days, when one is busy, a quick high quaity protein meal replacement helps rather than hurts on a low-calorie plan (where every calorie counts).

    Anyway, best of luck. Here's to a Muscley Mike...

  2. Oy, now I am nervous.. I hope this works for you

  3. I love that you're thinking of new ways to challenge yourself! That's what it's all about!

  4. I will be honest,I am a bit nervous too but it's going to be another part of the learning process. I have to say though, the prospect of customizing a plan that works toward my exact goals gets me fired up. I am motivated to see what I can do. I know I am making the right decision for me. I know I can succeed, the nervous part is if I how quickly I will find the method that gets me closer to my goals. I am not a patient person.

  5. You should do what works best for YOU. It is sometimes a trial and error process.