Jun 27, 2011

Anniversary Weekend and Regrouping After the Splurge

Me and Karlie at the Air Show

Our 6 year anniversary will be the 30th. Because my son was born one year to the day we were married, birthday celebrations end up on top of our anniversary so some years we have just passed it over. This year we made it a point to celebrate. I loved spending the weekend with my smokin' hot wife and can't imagine the past 6 years without her. She is my biggest support, my best friend and I am so lucky she is mine.

This last weekend we celebrated early and I took Karlie to Wendover, NV to go see Travis Tritt and to just get away from the kids and my work. It was short lived but awesome. As far as eating well, vacations and road-trips seem even harder for me than holidays.

Friday after work we dropped the kiddos off at my sister's (Thanks Shelley) and headed out. In the past, road-trip wasn't official until there was a 64 oz. Mt. Dew in my hand with a bag of various snacks to go with. Typically there would be Red Vines, Mike & Ikes, Chips, something chocolate and an apple that I never intended on eating. We did grab a drink and a snack but Peppered Beef Jerky and a Med. Diet Coke was all that made it along with some Crystal Light. So far a win.

We got settled in at our hotel at the Rainbow Casino and decided that we were going to hit the buffet because it was seafood night with crab legs. Buffet style eating in general is no excuse for eating bad. In fact, if you are careful, sometimes it's even better as I mentioned in this older post because everything is on the side already. I wasn't careful. I ate too much and honestly I kind of planned on it. I'm not pissed at myself about it but It's kick butt time going forward. The crab legs were amazing BTW:)

After we ate, we headed over to the concert. I am a fan of country but honestly only knew about 2 Travis Tritt songs going into the concert. Travis was a hoot and the show was a blast. I don't know who was the better performer though, Mr. Tritt or the crazy dancing hippie girl that was buzzing on speed or something. It got to the point where my wife and I were busting up laughing out loud at her.

I thought the hotel I booked had a pool and we were planning on hanging out there on Saturday ... but I was wrong. No pool at the Rainbow. So what to do? We decided we would drive around to see if we could find some shops or something and ended up following signs to an Air Show. It wasn't planned but that made it all the more fun to go. It was nice and hot but a little breeze made the heat enjoyable.

We got a lot of walking in as we checked out all the planes. The coolest by far was watching the F-16 in action. When the jet made the first pass over the air field, it blasted through the air and I stood starring at the sky with a big goofy smile on my face. This guy walking by must have been watching me and said "Can't help but smile when that happens can ya' ?" Realizing that I looked like a chubby kid in awe at airplanes I got a little embarrassed but still couldn't stop smiling.

A much needed weekend behind me, it's time to get back to work, drop some serious poundage and recommit 100%. My goal is to hit 150 Pounds lost by next Sunday. I can't wait to rock it at the gym tonight!


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like y'all had a great time! Rocking the gym is what I hope to do this week too.

  3. Happy anniversary & good luck on meeting, or even exceeding, your goal!

  4. Happy Anniversary and birthday to your son!


  5. Thanks everyone. Just got back from the gym. 10 out of 10! I am starting to talk out loud to myself at the gym to pump myself up. It's more of a mumble but I think people look at me like, I'm a little crazy. They are probably right.

  6. So much fun! Congratulations on such a happy, fulfilled life. Happy anniversary.

  7. Happy Anniversary! It's great that you decided to celebrate because after all, it's because of your marriage that your son was born. And also? One day he'll be gone celebrating his birthday by himself and you two will still need to celebrate your marriage.

    Looks like it was a wonderful time!

  8. The 30th is our anniversary too.

    My thoughts on eating on vacation are to try and do damage control rather than make gains. I think it makes a diet more sustainable if you allow yourself an indulgence here and there. I know that doesn't work for some people, but it works pretty well for me.

    Good luck on hitting the 150. My goal is 220lbs by July 8th.

  9. I LOVE Travis Tritt! My favorite song is "Here's aquarter, call someone who cares."