Jun 9, 2011

Cravings: Drive By ... Don't Drive Thru!

Every day I crave food. I recently came to the realization that it will NEVER change. Just because you start exercising and eating healthy doesn't make the foods you want any less tantalizing.
I have been working 4 x 10 hour shifts for the first time this week. I usually only get a 1/2 hour lunch break but with the longer shift, my lunch break is a full hour. With my extra time, I decided to go check out a part I need for my car during break yesterday and on the way back, I found myself in an old and dangerous mindset.
I started to tell myself to just get that fatty burger and fry at Carl's Jr. I have been craving or a bunch of cheese smothered burritos at Taco Bell. It was only for a short minute but it was a scary thing that I let myself enter that mindset again. I got kind of pissed about it. For a moment there, I forgot about all my success, all the hard work. I pushed out of my mind the 2-a-day workouts that I have had to do. All the raw emotion of my Join the RESISTANCE! post on my blog left failed me. I let the raw cravings start to rule my life in that 1 minute. I literally had to yell "SHUT UP! fat guy!"
Cravings will NEVER go away. You can't change the fact that you are going to want food. You can however choose to NOT let cravings rule your life. While the cravings don't go away, your ability to respond to them DO get stronger. As much as I wanted to say "Screw it all! I'm pigging out!", I couldn't do it. When emotion and memory failed me, took over. It is consistency in the battle for real, long-term weight loss that makes all the difference. The simple fact that I had said "No" to the cravings so many other times was the only thing that kept me driving by and not thro.


  1. I drive the back roads so that I wont smell that greasy shit that I love so much, and it actually works

  2. Over time it does get easier, but you're right it is an every day forever kind of change we're working here. You did great saying no. Keep going!

  3. I always have this feeling of astonishing TRIUMPH when I beat down a craving/temptation. It's like, "Woohoo, I'm on top of the mountain with a big view!"

    Non-fatties can't understand how hard it is for us foodies to say no to a fave food, a craving. It's like a junkie saying NOT to coke or meth or heroin. It's a major act of will. So, pat yourself on the pat. :::pat, pat::::

    And Dr. Fatty is right. The more you and I exercise that "no" button in our brains, the better we get at it, the easier it gets (well, until crazy huge emo-stress hits, then it's hard again). :)


  4. Oops..I mean pat on the BACK. heh.

  5. I had the same mindset when I first started. It seemed impossible that the junk I craved would ever become less appealing. And to tell the truth, it still sounds good every now and then, but it's more of a whisper and less of a scream. After eating well for so long, when I go to eat junk, it doesn't have the same effect that it used it. I find myself craving healthy foods now, mostly because I love the healthy feeling I get from eating them.

  6. I get tempted a lot too to stop for a french fry or something "quick" but I detour myself all the time and tell myself no, where will that get me? It will give me a whole 5 minute satisfaction and days of regret, so not worth it ne more!

  7. You mean like my cravings for a hamburger and fries? I want one so bad I dreamt about it last night BUT!!! I know that is't not going to happen. Not right now cuz it will lead to more or something not good so I will wait. I will try maybe a turkey burger on the grill. Maybe american fries or something just baked...I'll find something good without over doing it. You keep up the great work Mike, you are doing fantastic.
    Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  8. It's a slippery slope once we say yes to even one craving! Congrats on staying strong...saying no to cravings is a tough part of the battle!

  9. Good for you! Excellent drive by! Do you know Dr. Fatty Finds Fitness blog. She had a great post on struggle the other day. You might like to read it:

    Have a great weekend! And keep out of the drive thrus!