Jun 29, 2011

Talk To Strangers

I love talking to strangers. I meet the most interesting people and have some great conversations. Today I was in line at the Wendy's by my work and this guy behind me in line kept reading my shirt then looking at me then shirt then me then .... I was wearing my "StartingAt500Pounds.com" shirt. I have had a few people mention it and have been able to share some nice conversations but this guy looked confused and a little distrought. After I sat down with my Chili and Side salad with Light Ranch, he sat down next to me and said,

Guy: "500 pounds hugh?"
Me: "Hugh, What? Oh Yea, it's a web site I write."
Guy: "What? Are you shooting for 600?"

I stopped for a second, confused then for a short moment I felt offended then I started to laugh.

Me: "No I started my weight loss at 524 pounds. I have lost 145 Pounds so far."
Guy: "Ooohhhh. That's great. I am about 30 pounds over myself. You know what helps me? I eat salads."

I hold up my side salad.

Guy: "There ya; go."

Guy then procedes to pull out a decent size burger and takes a bite. A good laugh and a chance to talk about my passion and my journey in a fast food joint. Awesome!

Go out of your way to talk to someone today. Something more than "Hi". You never know, maybe you will make a new friend or at least get a good laugh.


  1. WHAT? He REALLY said that? WOW! What a jackass. If it were me, I would have pulled out my iphone and looked up the web address first, before I said ANYTHING. Crazy.

  2. Ha Ha, He was a cute grandpa. It wasn't a mean spirited thing at all. He just didn't get it. He probably didn't even know it was a web site or that it was even that it had to do with my weight for sure.

    Even though he clearly didn't get it, the thought of being at 500 pounds was offensive to my brain but it was clear he couldn't put it all together.

  3. LOL, I think it's great that he struck up a conversation & you got to share.... also that he said he wa 30 over & eats salad but pulled out a big burger! LMAO!

  4. Wendy's Chili, on a diet ? Grandpa has a point

  5. Um, Allan ... did you for get that a Wendy's chili with a baked potato came straight from the "Double-Dog Dare" challenge YOU supplied?

    Wendy's chili - 330 calories
    Side salad (no dressing) - close to 0

    I think I'm okay with that.

  6. I dumped the chili on the salad in place of dressing BTW. It's yummy and less calories.

  7. Love the idea of talking to strangers. Love even more that there is 145 less of you! Congrats!

  8. Funny story...but isnt it amazing how some people are so clueless?!


  9. Yeah, clueless people should keep their mouths shut if you're asking me! Sounds like you're doing great Mike. Keep up the good work!