Jul 2, 2011

FIRST FIT 4TH: Food is Not the Focus

Potato salad, grilled ribs, ice cream, chips, Mt. Dew. Thinking about what were the highlights of my 4th of July last year shows how much I have changed. Changed the way I think about food and life. Food was the source of my excitement, not the event. Eating was the activity I looked forward to the most. It is hard to think how much food was on my mind and even more difficult to think how much food I would put in my mouth on a weekend like this. I missed out on so much fulfillment and on so much of my life. Thinking back doesn't get me depressed any more, it only makes me appreciate where I am now and soak up more of what I used to miss out on.

This 4th of July is much different. Family get togethers still have all the same old foods and have not changed. I have. I don't see an opportunity to eat again. I am excited to see family, catch up, tell my brother in laws
how proud I am of them and see my kids smiles last for hours. All those opportunities were there every year but it was like I had blinders on. Food was my motivation, my source of happiness and my greatest vice. It wasn't that all the opportunities to enjoy a richer life weren't there, I wasn't there.I wasn't living the moment.

The cool crew on the way to the pool.
This 4th of July weekend is so different. It started early when I met with the main guy over at Crossroads Fitness, my gym, to talk about putting together an event. We threw around a bunch of ideas and I am stoked to get the ball rolling and get people motivated locally. After that, we got some stuff done around the house and headed out for swimming with the kids and one of their neighbor buddies. We stuffed all three kids into the back of our little car and they were so excited.

Click for race info.
Tomorrow my wife Karlie is running in the "Kiss me dirty" race here in Utah. We will be going over to support her and cheer her on. It's a charity race to raise $ for cancer research. Karlie was blogging for a while but it has kind a fizzled as she has supported me and my efforts but she inspires me constantly to work hard and achieve the weight loss success I am pushing for. I am so proud of her and can't wait to cheer her on as she has cheered me on everyday. I freekin' love this woman! She is amazing. I think I might have her pop in once in a while to post on my blog.

Kar in her 80's style race stuff
After Kar's race, I'll hit up the gym for a couple hours. and when night comes we will pull the fireworks out for the kids. Sunday we celebrate my boy's b-day with Karlie's family and Monday with mine. Will I eat something I probably shouldn't? No. Well maybe a little potato salad. I mean ... NO! (I have to keep telling myself that.) One thing is for sure though, Karlie and I are different people. I bet we used to gain a couple pounds between the 2 of us on a 4th of July weekend. This year, we plan on loosing that much.

What are your plans this 4th?


  1. Kudos on the different mind set! Those family BBQs can sometimes be difficult but when you change the focus, not so much. Good luck to the 2 of you, I'm planning to lose pounds myself for the 4th!

  2. I love this post! It's so true that the food was the main focus for me as well. Usually my friends and I would have a few drinks and eat while we watch the fireworks, but this year it's just water and unsweetened tea for me! And I now know I'll still have an amazing time!

  3. Your wife looks adorable in her race gear. Good luck to her and good luck to you sticking to your guns and making good decisions at all those bbqs and parties.


  4. I'm glad you're doing so well! So far my 4th weekend has been kind of a bust. I didn't want to eat out at all this weekend, but since I'm visiting a friend from out of town, it hasn't really been up to me. She's losing weight too, so before I came, I talked to her about trying to eat healthy while I was here. I feel like the whole weekend has been full of sabotage. Ice cream, pizza, all kinds of things that I don't want to indulge in. I tried to make good choices when I was at the restaurants, but I'm a pretty picky eater, so it can be difficult. Here's hoping my next two days go better!

    Also...I gotta agree with Sarah, your wife is too cute in her 80s gear.

  5. Thanks everyone, my wife has loved the compliments. I am so proud of her. She has always been beautiful to me but she is reaching a whole new level of hot.

    Dinner at in-laws was a bit of a bust. Hit caloric goal today but composition was fatty and not great but not the focus all the same.

  6. How about less meat ? Might work... I read about someone your size that cut out the meat and lost 211 pounds in a year. The same person also can out lift you in the gym and out run you on a basketball court.. Maybe its the meat...

  7. Cute wife as well... Is she on some plan as well.. She looks great...

  8. My weekend has been pretty good - on track! No hotdogs, no high fat potato salad, just smart food choices!

  9. Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog! You have a great layout over here and congrats on your achievements so far. I loved reading about how your focus was different this 4th than last year. Those are the kind of comparisons I love to make, also.

    Keep up the great work--I'll be back to visit :)

  10. Awesome and your wifey is hot!!!!!!!!!! We miss you guys, so glad you had a great 4th. xoxo