Aug 9, 2011


 I work out at night. I know all the benefits of exercising in the morning... blah blah blah. I just like working out at night. In fact, I like working out so late that I lift weights at the gym and they close before cardio time and I gots to get my cardio in so I either run from the gym home if Karlie drops me off or after weight lifting I leave my car in the parking lot at the gym and run a loop that gets me back to my car. Either way is about 2.3 miles.

A strange thing has happened in the mind of Badger. Look back in some posts and I am sure you will find a snippet that sounds something like this:

"I don't want to be a runner. That's just not me."
"I don't run for anything I only run from things." (like spiders for example)

I  am starting to learn that I have to get use to the fact that the concept of me is ever evolving nowadays. Statements about who I am and what I do or can do will be constantly changing ... in a good way though.

Now I enjoy running. I love to be outside and somehow feel more a part of my community when I run the streets. It's my town. The other day I told my wife how hard it would be for me to leave Sandy because of the sense of community I have gained over the past years. When we are eventually able to afford a house it would be hard to leave the area.

I love meeting new people on the trails and on the street. I mean it's not everyday the CEO of an NBA basketball team stops you while your chugging along and stops you to say good job. That kind of stuff has happened while I have been running. Other reasons I run:
  • it makes me feel good (is this what people meant by runner's high?)
  • I feel motivated to be a better person in other areas of my life after I run
  • I get off on the mental idea of me being a runner (it still makes me laugh)
  • Oh makes me lose weight too!
I am committed to be able to run a 5K not just enter one. I want to be able to run from start to finish. There are a lot of different training programs that have been suggested to me but I like to keep things simple. I got this ...

I am have not worn a watch in a long time because in order to put a watch on required my circulation to be cut off in the process. I am able to wear it comfortably without a problem now that my wrist isn't the width of a normal person's thigh. I am excited to start clocking my runs and trying to improve just a little each time. I figure if i have to go a little faster each time, I will eventually have to run the whole way in order to beat my last time.

Running, stop watches, 5Ks ... sometimes it's hard to believe it's me I am talking about.


  1. Kudos to you on being a RUNNER! I'm right there with you ~ I cant get enough of it now and am addicted to the runners high! Keep going!

  2. Awesome! I don't LOVE running but I love how I feel when I go and that's why I do it. I always wear a heart rate monitor chest strap and watch because it helps to measure progress. Keep up the great work!

  3. The runner's high; there is nothing better.

  4. What time does your gym close?

    Gosh Mike, this is great to hear. I would love to be doing the same some day and your progress gives me hope. I just hope I haven't damaged my knees with all this weight. Run man, run!

  5. Bad knees, so no running for me. Walking does me fine. :) But if you'd told me a year ago I'd ENJOY walking, I'd have snorted. But..I do!

    Keep evolving. Life is change. Death is stagnation.


  6. I love it. I have said before that I don't want to be a runner, but I find myself enjoying it more and more the more I do it. I think I am going to try for a 5K in the fall. Maybe I will come out West and run one with you!

  7. I'm glad somebody enjoys running!!! Good for you, man. That's awesome that you've realized that you enjoy things you never thought you would and that you put so much effort into making sure you get your whole workout in!


  8. I decided that last Thanksgiving I was going to run this turkey trot 5k race and my goal was to just not stop running. I had ran before but had never reached the 3.2 miles in any given run. The night before the run, I went out with friends and stayed up way too late and drank way too much! But I got up and put my running shoes on. I also CANNOT run without music and of course right when the race is getting ready to start, I have no battery and no music! So we're already off to a HORRIBLE start! But the race started and I just started running...and running....and breathing...and running....and before I knew it, I was almost to the finish line and I had not stopped running once! It turned out to be the longest I've ever run continually in my ENTIRE life! It's amazing to me because I had all of these things going against me (by choice obviously!) and I still did it. You're mind is the true manipulator. Your body is capable of SOOOO much. It's your mind that you have to convince! So I say go ahead and sign up for a 5k in the next few weeks. And just start. And finish. You'll be surprised what you can tell yourself you're able to accomplish! Keep up all of the good work!

  9. i still hate running, but I think is due to fact that I was an amazing runner in high school and there is no way I can ever be at that level again so it just pisses me off. I have fallen in love with cycling though and I now run to support my cycling habit. You increase your VO2 max more with running than with cycling, so I do a little 5k+ twice a week to help me be a better cyclist.

    I feel the same way about building community through cycling you do about running. Cyclists usually stop and talk at lights or nod to each other from opposite sides of the street.

  10. Mike,
    I never thought that I would run again. After a slipped disk, I thought walking was my only option. But it was about 6 months ago I dreamed of running. It felt so free and wonderful. I would wake up thinking, I wish I could run. I seriously prayed about it because it kept happening over and over again. So, I started to run on the treadmill, then as spring came I did walk/running around the lake. It felt good, but my hip started to hurt so I went and got adjusted by a neighbor chiropractor and my life has changed because I can run. Ask Karlie your wife how running has changed her. It is a challenge, but I can do it and love it! I sign-up for 10K's and want to run a half marathon on Halloween with Karlie. You will love it if your body holds out. That is my greatest fear. So at 54 I hope to run until my body says NO and then I will keep walking until I die!!!!!!! Love, Mom

  11. I am a cyclist and never thought I would be like I am today. Getting physical definitely impacts many other parts of my life including just overall stamina to do more.

    I think it is terrific that you have found the runner within. Just one of the many, many rewards you will redeem as you move forward. michele