Aug 17, 2011

WIFE WEIGHS IN WEDNESDAY: I had my Sweet Tooth removed

As Mike kind of let everyone know, I was out of it last Wednesday, due to some major, much needed, and long awaited dental work. To make my smile more beautiful. Yay!..... and not so yay it was painful. I have been joking with everyone that asks, because the word spreads like weeds out here:

"Oh ya, I just had my sweet tooth removed" Lol!
Wouldn't that be nice? Not craving that bite of chocolate at the end of the day. Or some soft creamy ice cream on a hot summer day. No temptation to add a cookie or two to my six inch sub meal at Subway.

No.... I still crave it all people. Let's keep it real here!

We went camping with Mike's family this past weekend. Whenever we get together with the fam it's a party or as Mike's sister Shelley would put it, "Paaaartaaaay!" It's a lot of laughing games, and fun...... oh and food. Keepin' it real.

Enjoying a moment of sweet tooth satisfaction. Keepin' it real.

Shelley pulled me aside and told me she noticed how Mike and I ate on the trip. First of all I forget how much people watch you when they know you are supposed to be on a "diet" or eating a certain way. She realized we weren't being exactly careful. She asked how that works into our plan. I told her that Mike and I discussed our plan for this trip before we even came up. We told each other where our boundaries were and that we would help each other stay within those limits. Notice my sweet indulgence (smore anyone?).

Some may not be able to deviate from the plan, but as for me. I would go insane without some leeway here and there. 
She also asked me what the best part about loosing weight and being thinner is. I told her the best part for me is having confidence in myself.

Although now it's kind of hard to control that confidence? I don't really know what to do with it.

The part of my personality that was 60 pounds overweight a lot of people liked, and related to. I became friends with those around me very easily once they got to know me for who I was.

Now, I get attention from different people that before would have looked right through me. What do I do with that attention? I've learned to be myself. I want to be someone everyone likes for the real me NOW. Not for my looks, but for my personality and general likability. I want to be known as someone who is a friend to everyone, someone who does not judge. Someone who relates.

Finally, the best part of our new lifestyle, and how it works for us: I told her, come Monday we HIT it HARD!!! Drive it into the wall. Recommit, and strive for a new goal. It is a part of us now. Every day this week we exercise. Back to our basic 1200-1500 calorie diet.

Those moments around the campfire mean more now.
I am so happy where I am today.
More to come, thank you for reading. ~Karlie


  1. Sounds like a great time...playing, laughing with family. I've been on my new plan for three weeks and have only had chocolate on two occasions. That's saying a lot since before I most likely had chocolate or some sweet every day. I have been thinking about it the last day or two, but still not as overwhelming craving as I would have thought. You look great and have the best attitude. Enjoy your smaller body and all the things it now allows you to do.

  2. I agree a little lead way is needed from time to time. It is really nice to see you work together to keep each other on track. I hope my wife becomes more motivated on our weight loss.

  3. I remember that too Kar when I lost that 70 lbs. way back when and it is sad how certain people can only be friendly when you look good, I guess it made me look harder at the lonely ones who needed a friend it made me be a better person, I love you my wonderful amazing girl Mom

  4. I just started following this blog and I am hooked I have been looking for motivation to lose weight and I am so glad I found this blog!!you are such an inspiration thank you so much for putting yourself out there and your story!

    I do have a question how did you start? I am wondering specifically about exercise did you just start walking or going to a gym? How long did you work out when you first started? I would really appreciate your answers!!

    Again thanks for your posts I am so inspired I want this time to be the time I lose this weight!!