Aug 8, 2011


This weekend, I got this...
2nd Place | Corp. Games Fishing Tournament
by going here...
Jordanelle Reservoir

with a couple of these ...
tube jigs

to hunt down a bunch of these...
smallmouth bass
Not really a weight loss related post but I probably wouldn't have had the confidence to go on this fishing expedition a year ago. I would have worried about having a hard time keeping up with my team hiking into place and walking the shore line. When Justin, the fish whisperer, asked me in an email if I was okay walking a long distance to get to a good fishing spot I didn't have to hesitate. It was awesome to reply "No problem here."

It was a blast and I have got the fishing bug bad. The whole Badger clan is headed up Big Cottonwood Canyon this next weekend and I think Karlie and I are going to break of from the pack and go fishing early Saturday morning at Silver Lake.

Standing for 4-5 hours fishing would have left my legs and ankles in bad shape for days a year ago. It wasn't a problem for me and it was hard for me to leave my fishing spot to be to the docks for weigh-ins. I love the outdoors. I am so grateful that I am able to enjoy nature. I would have been prohibited by my previous weight in so many of the things I am doing now. I am not quite to the point where I can climb cliffs or charg up mountains but for now I can hike, fish and camp. It's exciting to see opportunities open up and see the future with endless possibilities. 


  1. Congratulations! I'm not a big fan of fishing but I am of the outdoors. Thats a pretty great way to spend some time outside.

  2. It is a weight loss post! Due to the fact that you accomplished one more thing I never thought you would.

  3. I have always loved to fish, Husband loves to fish, and it has provided us with a lot of nice time to be together outdoors. I think you and your family will love doing it together, and it's great for kids to establish a new hobby outdoors.

  4. That's awesome Mike! It's nice to hear how you're loving life and able to do so much more than you could a year ago.

  5. It's an amazing feeling to be able to be out in nature and not have your weight hold you back, isn't it?! I love it! And I like when someone {who has a primarily fitness/health/weight loss themed blog} strays away from the subject sometimes. Goodness knows I do. There are a lot of angles/sides/interests in all of us and I find it fun to stray from the topic sometimes and talk about something else. And that water reservoir pic? GORGEOUS!

  6. Wow that place looks awesome! And you got a metal to show the world who rules!