Aug 29, 2011


One year ago I was at the crossroads of weight loss surgery, giving up and just doing what I had to. One of the first big changes that I have made and has stuck is the elimination of the green menace known as Mt. Dew. I used to drink a 64 oz of this stuff before lunch. Do you know how much sugar is in 64 oz of Mt. Dew? How man calories?

248 Grams of sugar!
Thanks to for the visual
880 Calories! And ALL 880 Calories come from sugar!

When I swore off the stuff I didn't just drop Mt. Dew I dropped all soda for a month and although I will indulge in the occasional diet soda on a rare occasion, regular soda is dead to me and has never been the hindrance to my weight loss since. One year later I am committing again to go cold turkey on the bubbly and I want you to join me.

1. Enter the challenge by commenting here.
2. Sign up at my event today at Crossroads Fitness.
    (If you are one of the first 150 people to sign up at the event, you also get a free sports water bottle today!)

1. Don't drink soda or any carbonated beverages starting any day in September for 30 days. (duuuuh!)
2. Tell others about the challenge to promote health and to keep you on track.

1. The obvious benefits that come from not drinking the stuff
2. When you enter the challenge, you also are entered into the drawing for the "Anti-Soda Prize Pack" which includes:
  • 6 Boxes of Crystal Light On The Go Drink Mixes
  • A "It's Not WHERE you start it's WHEN" sports water bottle
  • Anything else I decide to throw in between now and drawing day.

- I am not going to babysit this challenge. You don't have to prove you didn't drink any soda, pee in a cup or send in a blood sample. Is it possible someone who wins this will drink soda? Yea, but the honor code is in force here so take the challenge to heart and try going soda free.
- No one is sponsoring this challenge. I use Crystal Light in place of soda and it has worked for me. 


  1. Sounds like an awesome challenge. I will be happy to take part! Thank goodness I have little carbonated beverage/soda intake as is. My plan will be to start Sept. 1st!

  2. Dude, I'm in! I'm also off booze for the next month as well.

  3. As a Soda fan, this one is a hard one for me. Back in 2008, I went on a "No Soda for a Year" fast(?). I recall accidentally having a few Italian Sodas at Restaurants, but that was it. I was very proud of myself for the work and I think it probably did benefit me weight wise, that was back when I wasn't paying attention though. It's also before I started drinking Diet, which most people hate but I enjoy.

    One thing I might recommend is giving Zevia sodas a shot. I didn't like their cola very much (too much cinnamon/Kola nut flavor) but I've read other people swear by their Doctor Pepper clone. Their sodas are natural, and sweetened with Stevia (a natual, no calorie sweetner) - I think it's definitely worth trying.

    I've got a day here, maybe I'll jump on board your contest. Soda, diet or not, isn't doing me any favors.

  4. I am Pop. I gave up the regular stuff a long time ago and the Diet just isn't doing anything for me anymore. I need to learn to LOVE water!!! Today is my day one of no POP and so far so good. As long as I remember one day at a time it will be easy as pie.!!!

  5. I have a Zevia once , at most twice, a week. Cherry or grape of caffeine free cola. Doesn't impede me at all and I don't often finish the can. It's just like a "Oh, I like soda with pasta sauce (sans pasta these days, just on veggies." I don't feel a need to excise it, but then, I never had a soda jones like some folks. I just tossed a bunch of Coke Zeroes from ye olden phases that expired untasted....

    For folks who feel they can't live without soda, I hope they join you. That's an addiction. If you have to have it, can't imagine being without it, can't have just one once in a while, drastic measures are needed. Best with that....

  6. Sounds like a good challenge. I don't drink soda anyway. I never really had a taste for it. So I guess I could join and win by default? Ha ha!


  7. my hubby and i are both in!
    Steven M.
    Rusti M.

  8. Aw Man! I wanted to enter the contest, but I love, love, love carbonated water. So I think you should remove the "all carbonated beverages" from the list of no-nos. It's only water. And CO2.

    Btw: I found you site through Bloggest Loser, and I'm glad I did!

    I'm working to do the same thing. Lose weight blogger style. It's an effective tool, isn't it?

  9. I'm going to do it!

  10. I am in!!! I drink way to much Diet Coke!!! Hope everything went well yesterday!

  11. I'm in and going to try to convince Bud to do it too.

  12. I'm in. I didn't used to drink any but have been drinking more lately and need to stop and replace with water cuz its making me not feel so hot.

  13. I wasn't at your event, but I'm all in. I've been working on reducing my soda intake and have been very successful. I have, maybe, one or two per week (where I used to have that many in a couple of hours).

    BUT, it's not the diet stuff so it's no good. I want out of this 'need' and will join this in September with the personal expectation that I'll never go back!

  14. Wooo hooo! Suck it Soda! September you are gone!

    Had quite a few people sign up at the event. Excited to do this with a bunch of people!

  15. Great challenge! I don't ever drink soda/pop myself, it makes my teeth feel gross and w/ braces I get that enough! Scary how much sugar is in there. I used to LOVE CL but then they switched to "no sugar" which means splenda or equal or some other crap that gives me migraines and now I'm without. le sigh. Haha. Good Luck on the journey!

  16. I'm in! Taryn, who writes Fat Girl in a Skinny World, and I are entering into this together. We'll babysit each other, don't worry!

  17. I'm in. I will start today. I also have a love for Mountain Dew and I know its hindering my weight loss.

  18. I am in. You are amazing!
    -Nancy P

  19. I'm in. Starting a little later than the 1st but will go over into October.