Aug 3, 2011

WIFE WEIGHS IN WEDNESDAY: I Thought Mike Was Adopted

How Mike and I Met:

I have always been attracted to husky men.Whatever you picture as husky... you know the guy who has some muscle to balance out the fat ;) It gave me security knowing I was smaller than the guy I was dating, it made me feel secure and confident. And I just find bigger guys attractive okay!

Sorry all you husky guys out there, I'm taken.
Ha ha ha!!! Lol.

When I first met Mike I considered him the perfect combination of husky. Him and his sister Shelley (also taken) were always together. Before I knew it was his sister I thought Mike was dating Shelley because they were ALWAYS together. After a while Shelley and I became "besties" in our Singles Ward and I figured out that Mike was actually her brother. Phew!
This is Shelley, Mike's sister
She slowly introduced me to Mike. I completely fell in love with his personality, good looks and his MAD guitar playing skilz and love of music. 

He was annoyingly oblivious to the signs I was throwing his way until I had to basically tell him...."Psst, I kinda like you, and I'm "trying" to make a move soooo take it or leave it buddy!" Lol. No I was a little hesitant and stubborn myself.

Here's where it get's interesting. Mike took me to meet his parents, and I was taken back for a minute. I looked at them and then back at Mike and then back at them.

Mike's parents Kim and Paul
Mike's parents, Paul and Kim are thin as can be!!! In fact Paul is an athlete and avid cyclist. Normally the children resemble the parents......? I didn't see it. I immediately assumed Mike was adopted! Simply because their parents were fit?! Just total opposites. Looking now I can see the resemblance, but I totally thought Mike was adopted. Luckily I didn't have the guts to say anything to Mike about it. I would have been humiliated. And eventually as I got to know Mike, I realized that wasn't the case. 

It puzzled me for a long time.

Now knowing Mike has insulin resistance and some bad genetics with metabolism. There were quite a few things going against him. Keeping him from walking in his dads footsteps. 

Paul and Kim are wonderful examples and amazing parents and grandparents. They have been more than supportive of any efforts Mike has done to become healthy. As you saw in my last post, Kim and I continue to run together, it has been such a bonding time for us.

I am excited now, to pave the way for my kids to walk in our footsteps from here on out.
Mike and his dad 2008
Ultimately it was my decision in the end. And I chose Mike. He'll say he tricked me into marrying him, but I disagree. I was fully aware of what I was getting myself into. For the most part.... (story for another time).

Thanks for reading!

I love looking at these pictures :) sigh.


  1. I did make you marry me and you know it. You resisted for a long time but I knew we were supposed to be together. It's okay though, you figured it out. Love you babe.

  2. You and I sound a lot a like! What I cute story of how you guys met. I also seem to find guys that are oblivious to all my hint dropping, and my hints are exactly subtle! I would like to hear the story of how he "tricked" you into getting married!


  3. Love you Kar! And I love that first picture of you. SO pretty. :-)

  4. I absoulty love you guys that thanks to you both I have talked my wife into posting on my site. She will start with her first one tomorrow.

    I know I'm copying off you two but you gave me the idea. Plus I thinks it's healthy and I'm so happy that she accepted and wants to be involved in something that I'm so passionate about.

    Be good to her Mike, we're very blessed with very beautiful and loving wives.

  5. Aah, those are beautiful pictures. I love your story too, thanks for sharing. My husband is also quite different (in size) from the rest of his family. Except, there was one uncle that was also large. I'm bigger than anyone in my family by at least 100 lbs, but I'm working on that.

  6. Great pictures, I always like the husky guys too... maybe for the same reasons even:-)

  7. Karlie,
    It has been a great boost for me to stick with running with your support. I hate doing stuff alone and it's great to have a buddy to participate with. I love you dearly and I'm so grateful Mike found you to marry. Your are perfect for each other and I know your journey to great health will bring nothing but joy and fun for your whole family. We love the camping, hiking and family activities we can all do together. There are great times ahead for the Badger families. We are excited to be all together again at the cabin in Mantua. I will be sending an email for the up coming weekend. Thanks for running the 5K with me Sat. You Rock!!!!!!!!!