Aug 31, 2011


There are many people in my life that have influenced me in some way or another. Reading over at Life as a Fat Girl definitely inspired this post. As I read all about Ayla I was empowered by her story, and it made me want to be a better person.

There are so many bloggers, and so many of our readers that have inspired me. Gosh I could list them all day, but something hit me as I read today. Maybe it's this virtual online world. My digital life as some people call it. I can read and be inspired all day but I loose the fact that there is a real person on the other end experiencing a lot of the things I am going through.

I met a fellow blogger over at Mike's Gym event yesterday. Ryan from No More Bacon (Holla Ryan! Good times)
It was refreshing to meet someone we look up to, and talk face to face. It became real, I'll read his posts differently now that I have met him. Because I made that connection.

Somehow as I read today I was able to make that connection with the authors. It had so much more meaning. I got so much more out of the posts, it was overwhelming, and exciting. I wanted to know more about each person. It made it that much more real.

I have a whole new perspective on how this online stuff really works.

I'm here to let you know, as I sit here and type, that I am REAL. I'm a stay at home mom trying to get healthy and live a better life. I struggle with things, I fail some-days, but you guys help me get back up. Hopefully if I do meet some of my friends online you'll know me for being real online.I want people who meet me to say, "Oh...that's just how I pictured pictured her." ............hopefully ;)

I probably should go to one of these blogging conferences, so I can meet these amazing people in person. I'm sure that would help.

I dedicate this post to the people who have been part of my real life and maybe not so much my virtual life. Friends and family who are there everyday to cheer us on. A shoulder to cry on a babysitter while I go to the gym. People I have learned something from by seeing them go through their trials, and fighting through it.Those who have passed on from this life, I'll have those memories to treasure. These people keep me going everyday. Thank you!


  1. <3 Thank you!!! I really look forward to getting to know the Real you, and the real me :)

    Hopefully we can continue to inspire each other through our journeys.

  2. Y'all can come to NYC to freak out also..

  3. What a nice post. It reminds us that there really are people out there weather it's "the real" people or your virtual world that love and support us. I enjoy reading you and your hubby's posts and the two of you have inspired me! Thanks! Hugs and Smiles! Ash