Sep 2, 2011


Labor Day weekend is an easy excuse to cheat. Are you going to cheat yourself out of everything you are working towards? Are you going to choose to strengthen your resolve to be fit & healthy, or are you going to find an excuse to give in? Me, I am sooooo committed to rock this weekend. I am looking for every opportunity to be active, involve my kids in being active and making only the best food choices. I know reality will hit time and time again but my whole family is working on health and that makes all the difference when on vacation.

Don't enjoy food with your family, enjoy family and eat some food. Don't focus on food, focus on loved ones, relationships and activities. After you eat the food, the moment is over. The tastes will fade. Do your best to focus on things that will not fade.

We are packed to full capacity and heading up the canyon.

Be good, and live your best life this weekend.

P.S. I posted a Facebook video of Karlie giving he NO SODA CHALLENGE water tip. Checking it out.


  1. That's what I've been doing for a year: enjoy family with some food as an adjunct. It's NOT about the food for me anymore. I can say no to food. I want to say YES to family memories and fun!

    Enjoy yours a lot Come back lighter!

  2. I plan on doing the very same thing....and watching the Florida Gators play their first home game. Have a fun filled weekend

  3. Right on! In the past, three day weekends always meant food, food and more food. Not this time. Come Tuesday morning, I am going to feel good about the choices I made over the weekend. This weekend is all about relaxing and enjoying time with my husband. Food will be business(on-plan) as usual.

  4. Yep, family and friends and not the food! Have a great weekend!!

  5. Yes, but...maybe a little too much broccoli salad for me. Could've been potato salad, though!