Sep 16, 2011


Thought this was kind of least the guys I worked with were laughing about it for a while. The other day I went out to sushi at Takashi in Salt Lake. Great place for a mixed crowd because they have great sushi and great lunch specials for those not into sushi.

As all of my readers should be very aware of now, I am hosting NO SODA SEPTEMBER. While not having soda is not a big problem for me anymore, I do miss my occasional diet soda. When we go to Takashi, I usually get a Dry Rhubarb Soda because they are only 60 calories and the flavor is mild and pairs well with the sushi. I maybe get Takashi once every few months so out of habit I ordered one.

As the waitress walked away with my soda order, all of a sudden NO SODA SEPTEMBER ran through my mind. Every blog post, facebook discussion, youtube video and tweet I had sent about not drinking soda flashed across my mind. In panic I jumped out of my chair, raised my had and yelled across the restaurant to the waitress, "WAIT!!! I CAN'T HAVE ANY SODA!!!"
Everyone in the restaurant stopped talking and looked at me because of the scene I made. When the panic of betraying everything I was trying to accomplish left me and reality set back in, I felt pretty stupid. Everyone at my table that I had startled broke out laughing. They know all about my passion for health and fitness so the panic in my face must have been hilarious. Needless to say, I was the butt of a few jokes throughout our meal.

Feeling adventurous I thought I would try Uni this time. The last time I had been out to sushi I sat at the bar and saw the chef making one and thought it would be fun to try.

It was NOT fun to try. The texture as like someone dropped peanut butter in water, It was a little gritty with plenty of slime. The flavor ... well let's just say that I imagine licking the bottom of an old rusty sailboat would be an upgrade. I finished the meal with sashimi that made my mouth and eyes happy but the Uni had already done a number on my stomach.


  1. Thanks for the laugh. I could totally picture that all happening. PS- You owe me sushi sometime ;)

  2. We love sushi! We should all go out sometime for some.

  3. Yes we should ... as long as I don't have to eat sea urchin again.

  4. I love sushi so much I make it at home now, although my rice is still not as great as the really good sushi houses.
    I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to the day when your weight loss tops mine! I am currently at -215 lbs with 20+ to go.

    I gave up soda after stopping for a few months because I could not stand the taste when I took it back into my food plan. You might be surprised at what it tastes like after 30 days without.


  5. I think you are right. When I quit regular soda over a year ago and switched to diet I couldn't stand the taste of regular any more. Maybe the same will happen with diet this time.

  6. Wooo way to remember no Soda september! We're half way through buddy and if I haven't cheated with my love for diet're not allowed either! HA!

  7. Sea Urchin with pasta is an Italian Specialty that is delish. Fresh Uni, like caviar and (well I can't say the next tasty treat) are things that once enjoyed will bring joy unlike anything else. Patience, try all three things again, and everyone will smile eventually...

  8. I have to agree with you on the uni. I love sushi, but roe and uni are the two things I've never been able to enjoy. You might want to try unagi. It's great stuff, especially when it's grilled.