Sep 8, 2011


Dad Badger

When talking to the teenager version of Mike Badger, my Dad would often say
"Give the hardest job to the laziest guy and he will find the easiest way to do it."
Are you out to find the easiest way to lose weight or are you on a mission to lose weight? There is an important distinction.

Thinning out the trees:
My dad used to say this to me when I was a teenager. I remember when we were going to "thin out" the few trees in front of our house in North Carolina. Dad wanted to brighten it up by taking out the smaller trees. In usual fashion of most projects, Dad got to run the cool machinery and I got to do the grunt labor. And "thin out" quickly turned into full scale deforestation.
These are before and after shot of the house with the trees in front of it and after we "thinned out" the trees. Not really but you get the idea.
I don't remember if he borrowed someone's chainsaw or if we rented it, all I remember was once it got in my Dad's hand, he turned into Paul Bunyan and he expected me to be his big blue ox. He would chop down the trees and I would haul 'em back to the back wooded area where he would cut them up into small logs. I would waste so much time trying to come up with an easier way to carry the large tree sections using a wheel burrow and straps or an over complicated pulley system or...

My Dad would get so frustrated. I would take forever to get anything done.

"If you would spend half as much time as doing the work as you did trying to get out of work, we would be done by now."

It's amazing how much smarter my Dad sounds now that I am not a teenager.

How are you approaching weight loss? Are you spending all your time trying to figure out a way to get out of putting in the work and time? I know the reason I failed at losing weight was simple. I simply didn't want to put in the work and make the changes that were necessary. I wanted to live an unhealthy life and be healthy. It makes as much sense as buying things you want with money you don't have expecting to remain debt free. It just doesn't work.

Companies know that there are millions of us who think this way though. If you don't agree, head over to a second hand store like the D.I. or Goodwill and see the bone yard of contraptions that claimed to be the easy solution to weight loss.

The sober truth about weight loss:
(especially if you are morbidly obese)
  1. Weight loss is hard - If it wasn't, nobody would be overweight. The sooner you decide that you are going to do it despite this fact, the sooner you can start making lasting changes.
  2. Weight loss is going to suck sometimes - If you are anything like me, it is going to take some major inner struggles. There will be moments of anger, frustration and even all out bawling. The struggle makes you stronger. You will have to confront parts of you that you won't like and need to change.
  3. It's not going to happen overnight - The fat I packed on my body didn't happen overnight. It was put on pound by pound over years. It is going to come off the same way.
  4. It WILL be worth all the effort you put into it. You will find balance in life, energy through your day, better health, better work life, better love life, better...

Don't believe in a product, believe in hard work, planning and giving up bad habits. Weight loss is like digging a ditch. It doesn't take a masters degree or special talents. It simply takes hard work, dedication and focus. Stop wasting your time looking for a way to get out of doing what it it takes and get to work.


  1. No truer words have been spoken! Love this. You have to do the hard work to get the awesome results!! And I must say, you had me going with those pictures...haha. ;-)

  2. You people have to know, this Mike Badger still exists. A simple task like doing the dishes will lead to a whole other whirlwind of tasks for the same reason. We'll stick to me doing the housework and Mike can pamper me all he wants when I am done at the end of the day ;)

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  4. Haha did you write this post just for me?

    I needed a good reminder of this today. Had a gain this past week due to circumstances in AND out of my control...but I needed to get rededicated and keep on trucking away. Thanks for the motivation!

    Although I think I'm going to leave the forest for Bambi to live in and work instead of getting this fat off my behind...

    Also sorry about the double post, I made a lot of typos and had to redo my post or forever live in shame at my lack of spelling, grammar and punctuation.

  5. Love it.

    Everything you said there applies to maintaining a large weight loss too. It's tough, it's work, but it's absolutely worth it.

  6. If I'm honest, I think I'm somewhere in the middle with my approach right now. I stick to a pretty strict calorie goal, and I work out 3 times a week now that I'm getting back into the gym after my move. I still feel like I could be doing better. I should be diversifying my meals (man, I HATE vegetables) and trying to get to the gym more. On the other hand, I have definitely been at the far end of this spectrum, where I would eat nothing but a box of macaroni and cheese in a day, so that I could still feel like I was getting my carb-a-rific binge in, while staying under 1500 calories. Ridiculous, I say. Right now, I'm just trying to find something that works for me; I know myself, and if I start going to the gym 7 days a week or eating nothing but salad, I'll quit in a second. I'ts a hard balance to find.

  7. Great post Mike! This is the most sense I've heard all day. I believe it, now I just need to step up. As one of the morbidly obese, I have spent my life looking for the quick fix. Anything would be better than the hard work, pain and suffering that is needed to get the job done. Of course, being this heavy is hard work, pain and suffering, just a different kind.

    I'm putting in about 60-70% right now. I'm on point with my food, both in calorie range and types of food that are healthy and suitable for diabetics. The exercise on the other hand isn't happening. Why? I'm afraid to go to gym and because I'm just being lazy. Losing weight with my insulin resistance is a huge struggle. Hard work, but slow progress. Exercise might kick it in to gear. What am I waiting for?

  8. this was a great post Mike! I am guilty of trying the easy way, but I quickly got over that crap. there is no easy in weight loss...its hard as f*%ck to drop weight and bad eating habits. the good news is that it can be done!

  9. I still find times where I actually think I can "trick" the system. It never turns out very good.

    P.S. Karlie, you get mad because I don't surface clean I deeeeeeeep clean. It takes a lot longer but whenever you leave me to just do it, you never seem to complain.

    Love you babe :)