Sep 1, 2011


Like it or not, it is time for summer to end. The end of summer means the end of the excuses we gave ourselves about BBQs and family gatherings. All the little indulgences that we allowed ourselves because it was summer ... DONE.

We kick it off today with a commitment to put down the shiny cans of the bubble packed liquid and campaign to do something revolutionary  ... drink water. <dramatic pause> I know, it's crazy right?

I wanted to push this challenge in September at my first on-site event because it was the first change I made in my diet that had a profound impact on my weight loss.

Knowing that others are doing the challenge along side you can make it easier. I want everyone who is doing the challenge to have a place to interact. I know it helps me if I have a place to go for encouragement. So I set up a Discussion Board on my Facebook fan page.

Tell everyone in the challenge how you are tempted, how you resist and if you are influencing others to drink more water.You better post your successes so we can celebrate. Need a little encouragement? Post about it on the Discussion Board so we can help each other through the next month.

If you gave me your email address, I will be shooting you a reminder that the challenge starts today. If you are not on the following list, I don't have you down for the challenge so let me know.
  1. Aaron
  2. Alli
  3. Amanda
  4. Amber P.
  5. Amber L.
  6. Ashley
  7. Casey
  8. Cason
  9. Cody
  10. Diane
  11. Donna
  12. Elizabeth
  13. Emily
  14. gethealthytime
  15. Jake
  16. Jana
  17. Joel
  18. Judy
  19. Julie
  20. Karlie
  21. Kate
  22. Katie S.
  23. Kimberly P.
  24. Kimberly B.
  25. Linda
  26. Mandi
  27. Mandy
  28. Mark
  29. Megan H.
  30. Megan P.
  31. Mike
  32. Obdulio
  33. Omar
  34. Paola
  35. Princess Dieter
  36. Rusti M.
  37. Sally
  38. Sarah
  39. Scott
  40. Shelley
  41. Stephanie H.
  42. Stephanie B.
  43. Steven M.
  44. T.Irwin
  45. Taryn
  46. Tiffani


  1. What a great group. Good luck everyone!

  2. Are you giving up soda, sugary soda, all carbonation ? Hmmm... Wondered.. I used to know this fat guy that decided to change white rice for brown and thought.... Look at him now....

  3. I know right:)

    I said bye bye to regular soda back in Aug of 2010. This is how I am celebrating 1 hear off the sugar stuff. Like I mentioned I will still have an occasional diet soda after September but no carbonation through September.

  4. Awesome challenge - no soda September
    I am the pic you posted of the sugar in Mountain Dew - WOW

  5. I'd love to join the challenge!