Sep 13, 2011


Mt. Dew THIS!

It's official, I talked with Karlie and it was too much fun pounding on the drink that put the pounds on me for too long. One video is just not enough. Get ready for regular instalments of "REVENGE ON KILLER FOODS"

Here is how you can help. I need you to send me the food that temps you, the treat that kills your weight loss and we will take care of it for you. Have a food that gives you trouble? Now you have a hitman & (woman) for hire. Need someone to take care of a pesky corn dog? Have you been screaming for ice cream? Now it's time for ice cream to scream for a change!

Comment here and tell me what food you want us to put the hurt on next.


  1. Ice cream, cookies, powdered sugar donuts, slim jims, the list goes on and on...

  2. Salted nuts! Added bonus, they come in a can :)

  3. Chocolate freaking chip cookies! Blow them biatches up for me please?

  4. Cookies look like they are a problem for a few people. Between comments here and facebook. I think cookies might be in some trouble.

  5. Carbs period but the cake and donuts kill em!