Sep 7, 2011


After a weekend of relaxation, the thoughts of going back to everyday life can be painful, torturous, scary, etc.
Ridiculously over packed car. Poor kid.

The drive home is crushing, we can barely stay awake to drive.The thoughts of reality overwhelm our minds. Can't......take it........any......more.

OKAY, come on. SNAP OUT OF IT! 

As we came home on Monday afternoon, Mike and I both felt the pressures of reality setting in. You try to block all the problems and responsibilities out of your mind for as long as possible. But at some point after a vacation all of that settles in.

Hopefully you have something fun to look forward to. A social event, a date night, a family outing. Surely that will carry you through the week.The hope of a smaller number on the scale will be something to celebrate......hopefully.

I found out as I accepted the fact that summer is now over, school is in session and work is full force, that if you don't find something to celebrate in your everyday life. You might just go crazy.
I have not had soda for a week straight now. Yay! GO NO SODA SEPTEMBER!

I learned something new as I came home and started to unpack our ridiculously over packed car. It's time to celebrate reality.

It should not be painful to come home from a vacation. Find things to celebrate, search for things to celebrate.

Summer is over so we get to celebrate the school year, the money we would have spent on a night out to eat is spent on school clothes and supplies. It's my little boy's first year in Kindergarten! We celebrate having a stable job in this economy where jobs are scarce. We celebrate milestones in our weight loss journey, triumphs for not giving in to that treat at work or not snacking while I stay at home with my kids.

Find something to celebrate in your life.

Create something to be proud of. Be creative with the different ways to celebrate. A mini dance party in my clean kitchen with my kids is plenty to make a stay at home mom happy. A welcome home sign for dad as he walks in the front door from a hard day at work is sure to put a smile on his face.

It is important to get back to work and prove yourself in ways you never thought you could.

Can I just say how inspirational Mike's sister Shelley was this weekend. Again, Mike and I discussed our boundaries with food for this weekend. We wanted to be strong, but we didn't know who we were up against. Shelley ROCKED it! She was the one motivating us. With her exercise wake up calls. Holla! And she didn't have to say a thing around the dinner knew she wasn't making any mistakes. Thanks Shell, keep it up girl, no doubt in my mind that your work will pay off!

A little hip hop abs with Shaun-T up at the cabin ye-yah!

We are toughing it out. Nothing is going to stop us.
Celebrate the little things. How are you going to celebrate?


  1. I keep meaning to post this: I love wife weighs in wednesdays!

  2. Thanks for great post and it’s so true to easily let all the stuff around us get us down, but when we stay focused reality can be celebrated. Thanks again for the inspiration.

  3. Yay! I love hearing from you! This was a great post--finding something to celebrate is always important. Right now, I'm celebrating the fact that my house is -finally- starting to get put together from my cross-country move. Okay--maybe not my whole house, but my living room and kitchen are suitable for company and that's what makes me happy!
    I'm also celebrating my 4 pound loss...that's a big one for me.

  4. Way to go! I'm just sad I never got to work out with you because of Abby's middle of the night stints. But I've had two great workouts since coming home and I am rockin' the no soda!