Sep 28, 2011

WIFE WEIGHS IN WEDNESDAY: It's okay to feel hungry.

On Facebook yesterday a friend had posted this to her page:
"It seems that today I cannot feel full! Its so frustrating"

I came across this for a reason. It inspired this post. Yesterday, and into the night Mike and I were working non-stop getting ready for a lot of busy work ahead of us. Again, when you keep yourself busy you are not thinking about food, you almost forget about it all together UNTIL............ your stomach growls. Hmm, am I actually hungry? Funny thought! Lol.

Eight months ago I had forgotten what it felt like to be hungry, I never let my stomach growl. I was always stuffing my face before my body even got the chance to be hungry. I often felt sick from being too full.
Year 2010

Back in February I went from a 4000+ calorie diet to a strict 1200 calorie diet OVER NIGHT!!!!! ???

What was I thinking? Well, I'll tell you what I was thinking. I wanted to CHANGE. I wanted to do it myself.....the right way. I knew this was what I needed to do to loose the weight. I was SICK and TIRED of staring at those "skinny jeans" hanging on my wall and hoping that someday I would magically fit back into them. I was sick and tired of dodging people I would see from my past at walmart or wherever. And I wanted to be HAPPY!!!!

Let me tell you, that first day on 1200 calories was PAINFUL!!!! Come one people. I felt like I was starving. Second day, no cheating, I felt the same. Third day, okay..........I feel better.............I have more energy. Hmm, maybe I'll even exercise. Hmm, this could work. I still feel hungry....... but it's okay. 

It was those first three days that got me to where I am now. Hello!!!! "skinny jeans" are 6 sizes to big. Yep.

Okay now, eight months down the road........headed into winter. I feel okay, I look better, but I could look a whole lot better. I have forgotten a few of the things I had learned in the beginning of my journey:

I'm realizing I haven't felt hungry in a while, I am eating too much.

I'm realizing I am lacking energy in my day, I'm not exercising enough.

I'm realizing it's not worth waisting your calories on foods that won't fuel your body.

I am definitely not drinking enough like I used to. Water was another key to my success. 

I really don't want to kick myself after the holidays by sacrificing what I want MOST for what I want in the MOMENT.

This is my lifestyle. Not a diet.

I'm so thankful for my lifestyle change, I have so much more energy to play with my kids.
So back to the strict 1200 calories it is. Counting and following a plan. Exercise is going to be a dedicated four days a week.

My advice for today, is "Feel hungry for a while". It's okay. Eat on a tiny plate, and eat slowly when you do eat. Your body doesn't NEED ALL of that FOOD! It's all in your mind, it's an addiction. Fuel your body with healthy foods that give you energy. Drink water when you are hungry between meals. Give it three days of strict portion control, then give it six months, and tell me how you feel.

Thanks for reading! ~Karlie


  1. Karlie, I totally agree. I went from over 4000 calories of face stuffing per day to a very specific amount of calories that was right for me. I was starving at first, but after a while I was totally used to it. I only eat every three hours and I eat a specific amount of calories per meal. I can now tell time by my stomach!

    Also, I totally agree with the lifestyle v diet thing....


  2. Amen sister! My plan is waiting for the growl before I eat. It works for me. There are challenges but it's liberating to be able to eat what I want (not as much as I want) when I growl and then wait for the next growl. I haven't died yet waiting for the growl so it is for sure not fatal :-)

  3. It's not easy going from feeling full all the time to feeling hungry much of the time. It got to the point where if I didn't feel full, I didn't feel comfortable. Sometimes I would eat before I went to someone's house to eat because I worried I would not be full enough.

    When you first are changing eating habits from weight gain to weight loss if you don't feel hungry, you are doing it wrong.

    Embrace the hunger and learn to satisfy hunger and not satisfy the want to be full.

  4. Thank you so much for this post. I needed to hear it to get myself back in the game. :)

  5. Love it! Thank you!!! Some times it's easy to buy into what others say regarding hunger and in reality, it's okay to get to feel the hunger.