Sep 21, 2011


I just wanted to share something quickly that one of our awesome friends shared with us this past week. We keep in touch with her to motivate and to keep us all on track.  She'll text my phone to let us know that she passed on the potato salad, or refused to drink a soda at the movies the other night. She also will text when she decided to hit the gym in the early hours of the morning instead of staying in bed. Well one day she let us know that she was really doing this! I'm really doing this guys! We replied shortly after. 

 DON'T JUST DO IT......... KILL IT!!!!!

Just a little thought for today. There's more to this lifestyle than just doing it. KILL IT and see what happens in a week. Love ya Diane!

Does anyone have a favorite shirt you wear to the gym? Outfit maybe?

I'm not talking about the kind of outfit Eric Stonestreet starring as Cameron Tucker on the ABC comedy Modern Family wears to the gym. Lol!
"It's" BLURRED he he he. Lol! Funny episode.
 I'm talking about a shirt or outfit that motivates you! Am I the only one who has a T-shirt or two that motivates me to run a little bit farther? 

Wearing Mike's "It's not WHERE you start it's WHEN" Is probably the most motivating. Because people read the phrase and see the website. I am setting an example for those who read this and help others find motivation to start somewhere.

My college T-shirts from the schools my cute brothers play football at, motivate me too. I think about all the hard work they are putting into their practices and I can't let them down. I need to be working hard toward something too. Right now it's running 13 miles at the end of October.

Oh and my race shirts from previous races help me remember where I've come.

Mike calls me superstitious, but I really do believe that when you put on a shirt that stands for something it empowers you! It may be all in your head, but it sure helps me!
And don't forget my lucky fishing shirt :)


  1. Oh please, you think a guy who has to wear the same headband, shirt, pants and lifting gloves to his workout every time doesn't think there is power in the clothes?

    All I am saying is it helps pump you up it does not give you super human ability.

  2. In 2006 I did the breast cancer 3day, and in 6 months of training and the actual event I walked 600 miles. So when I need inspiration I get my 3day shirt out, in fact I'm wearing it today.

  3. Are you guys selling "it's not where you start, it's when" shirts? I love them. How would one go about doing that so I can be a walking, er, running ad for your wonderful website? (lame joke I know hehe)

  4. I love it. I still have my lucky running socks from junior high that I like to wear when I race. They are almost knee high and have black, red and yellow flames on them...I'm a classy girl :)

  5. I DO have a favorite shirt. it's dark blue and says WINNER on it! Ah it makes me giggle thinking about it.

  6. you guys are my favorite!!!!! i feel so blessed to know you! you both have inspired me in so many ways! i read that text often--thanks!!!!

  7. I love this post. I love race shirts. I love shirts that share a message. They do alter your attitude, no doubt about it. (Even just a plain shirt, if it fits you the right way, can make you feel amazing!)