Sep 14, 2011

WIFE WEIGHS IN WENESDAY: You just might need to enter a competition.

An online competition is what got things rolling for my weight loss. Competition has made me accountable to someone else. The drive to get something out of the competition makes me run that much harder and eat a little bit less in a day.

Find a competition or start a competition in your area and WIN it!!!

I just went to the Finale of my last Challenge. It was created by my cousin Mindie back in April to help family and friends commit to becoming healthier. It was hard to keep many of the people who entered focused, but for those who did stay focused it payed off. We weighed in monthly and were shown our percentages. It came down to one month left and I was able to drop 42 pounds total and 11 of those pounds in the month right before weigh in. It was definitely motivating, and I knew I had a good chance of placing 2nd or 3rd. And I DID!!! I placed third with $180 PRIZE money. It was exciting to meet a few who read our blog, (HOLLA! Tina, Aundrea, and Jessica)! It was also refreshing to hear some successes and struggles.

It was awesome to see how far my cousin has come since the start of her journey, she placed second. Along with Mindie's friend Jen who placed first.

I was proud to be a part of it, and hope to keep it going! 

I love talking to anyone about what works for them. For Jen it was giving up Red Bull and Dr. Pepper. As simple as that! She added in a little exercise and whallah! For Mindie it was a protein diet with a lot of water and low to moderate exercise to keep her heart rate in the fat burning zone. For me it was a 1200 calorie diet, all things in moderation, and vigorous exercise 3 to 4 days a week. Jen's final percentage lost was 27.57%, Mindie's was 24.96%, and Mine was 20.74%. Awesome job girls. We had some fruit from a, to beautiful to eat, edible arrangement to celebrate along with some other delicious food. And then went on our way.

With winter around the corner, I asked the girls what keeps them going in the winter, Mindie said the gym.....I said BORING! So Mindie, Jess, and I committed to try Snowboarding this winter. I am so nervous and excited to laugh ourselves silly up there on the mountain. More on this to come. Thanks for reading!


  1. Awesome! You look wonderful and are an inspiration for others.

  2. That is so fantastic Karlie! You really inspire me. Vanille (my dog) and I are up to a 1.7 mile walk every day. It takes a long time but I know it is paying off. My ankle is feeling stronger and we even did a little "jog to the next lamp post" sprints today.
    Whenever I start to feel discouraged I think how awesome you guys are and that I can do this too.

  3. So awesome....great job!

  4. You guys look amazing!!! I am thrilled with my near 20 pounds and am so motivated by it. You guys truly rocked it!!! I was so impressed!!

    It took me a while to really get moving and most of my weight loss was in the last 2 months. Now I'm in the groove and it is thanks to this challenge.


  5. Mike I am so proud of you. Yes I don't get here all to often but I do stalk around once in awhile. You are doing awesomely. You keep it up along with your beautiful wife. I love the shoot of the bad foods. We do lots of target pratice here and shot up lots of different things too. That was a good idea.
    Don't let people drive you to nuts at work, I've been trying to teach my mama about computers and that my friend is enough to make you go bald. Or worse lose your mind.
    Keep up the great work and have a blessed and awesome day.