Oct 20, 2011

Stupid Quicksand

Yesterday I finally updated my stat counter thing on the right. 350 pounds puts me at almost 175 lost. That is 10 pounds down from what the stat counter said before. That is good and all but people, I have been 350 for almost over a month now. I am stuck in quicksand.

I have gone to the gym here & there, I have taken on a plan commitment and flip-flopped on it like the turd that I am. I am not losing weight, I am not gaining weight, I am just stuck in quicksand.

I try to be active I try to move most days but now and then I take the elevator at work. I don't go on walks on my break but I don't eat doughnuts .... except that one time :( I want to snack all the time and once in a while give in. I am not winning, I am not losing, I am stuck in quicksand.

I come home from work, have to focus on my other work. I love it, I live it but I am having a hard time finding the desire and time for my weight loss goals. I don't eat pizza and pasta I still give up some stuff but now and then I eat what the kids are eating or put dressings or toppings on healthy food to make it taste better. I am not giving up but I am not giving my all. I am stuck in the <bleeeeepin> quicksand.


  1. Heya Mike,

    Go easy on yourself, we are always learning to balance work, family, health, etc. so it's all learning.

    You sound aware of what it takes to get you moving towards your fitness goals, so it's just a matter of when you are ready to take another deep breath and start another push.

    I think the key is to remain focused on the fact that you have what it takes, you and your wife have done great things for both your health, and to model a great life for your kids. Being kind to yourself, and focusing on awareness, and knowing that any moment can be lived to the fullest based on what's inside, more than our physical selves. It's a message we all can use these days! :)

    All that being said, you are on a mission, and you will get back to it when you are ready. One thing I have learned is that often "actions come first, then the feelings."

    Maybe now's a good time to experiment with some new recipes that are healthy, getting excited about new types of good healthy food. Or maybe it's time to try a new type of exercise, something you haven't done before.

    Just get those feelings of "life is full of countless opportunities for discovery" going on, and then use that momentum to push into another stage of your journey.

    Sending good vibes to you and your family, you got this! :)

  2. Maybe you need to do some soul searching and positive self talk. Maybe write down why you want to be a successful "loser" and then write a list of things you are looking forward to as you lose and when you reach goal.....refresh your memory so to speak.

  3. I get stuck from time to time too. I keep doing what I need to be doing, but it feels like I'm standing still. Those are the hardest times. I want to throw in the towel and eat an entire pizza. Somehow I keep holding on. I know you will do the same. 175 pounds lost is amazing!


  4. only one way to get out....grab onto a branch and pull. just don't let it suck you down...don't let one slip become 10 become months become years. Okay.

  5. Mike well here is your tearful mother in law who has been in quick sand alot and the hard part is no one can help you get out except you and help from above, opposition in all things sucks!!!!!
    I try thinking of a new goal of something I would love to do that I cant at my weight now. I love you my sweet son in law and you are amazing and I know you will find that inner strength remember put you first so you can then be there for Kar and jeff and Katie.

  6. I'm sure this happens to everyone. Jorey's had some relapse lately...and it may get worse as he heads in to finals.
    Whenever I get discouraged I force myself to sign up for something I've always dreamed of doing such as running a 10k, going to a cycling class, a bike race, sprint triathlon. It helps me to force myself out of the quicksand and into something kinda daring. Afterward I feel so proud that I didn't just complete something...I got myself out of quicksand to do it! Nothing like it. (Disclaimer: I have also failed at several of these ventures...but hey, I had the right intention :)) I've also heard a big contributor to the quicksand is lack sleep?...Not that its easy to get sleep with a job, wife, and kiddos. I dunno. You've pulled yourself into an entire lifestyle change, I believe you can pull yourself out of this bump in the road.

  7. I like your stat format. Dude I guess you are a loser now! LOL It is good to be a loser...in the get fit and weight loss realm, ey?

  8. The quicksand feeling is awful. I was there for about a year myself (!)

    I think it comes down to coming up with a new strategy every so often. I'm on Weight Watchers, and I've heard people say that with every 10- to 15-lb weight loss, you need to mix things up to keep losing. I think it's true, whether it's eating new foods, trying new kinds of exercise, changing your thinking about food, life, etc...

    You've come a long way and clearly have the skills and gumption to keep losing! And the fact that you haven't gained, even though you haven't lost, means what you've learned so far has stuck with you. Even if it feels like you're not moving right now, you are still going in the right direction, especially because you refuse to give up.

    Give yourself time to figure out how to tackle the next step, and you'll be fine. Take as much time as you need. I wish you the best!


  9. Oh Mike! So sorry, good luck with it all. Watch Indiana Jones. Doesn't he escape from quicksand in one of those movies? :) You can do it. i say it is timet o switch things up! Plan out an entire new schedule. Pretend you are just discovering weight loss at the weight you are currently at. What would you start with? :) Love you!

  10. Stop. Reassess where you are and where you want to be. Take a deep breathe. Set a small attainable goal. GO!

  11. Oh Mike and Karlie, where arrrrre you? You've fallen off the face of the blogosphere, and I don't like it. Come let us know how you're doing. We miss you.

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