Nov 30, 2011

When you have to chose Good vs. Good

When I started out on my weight loss journey, my days were filled with extra time. I spent many hours laying around, playing games, watching TV. When I made the decision to get fit, it was almost more about stopping bad habits than starting good ones. A lot of time has passed since then and now I am faced with a whole new paradigm.

Nowadays there is almost no "free" time. Our family struggles constantly to get ahead financially. We always seem to be able to cover our needs but rarely seem to make up any lost ground. Out of necessity, a lot of the time and effort that once was dedicated to focusing on our health began to be allocated to paying down debt and gain some financial footing.

The old struggle used to be a decision to do something instead of nothing. Now I am faced with 2 good choices. There are always multiple things cooking on the stove. For a long time I was able to put everything else in my life on the back burner and put weight loss dead center in my life. This is exactly what needed to happen to get me going from where I was at. The problem is, some things can only remain "back burner" items for so long.

I think it's going to take a heavy dose of time management, a lot of saying "NO" to less important things and a true commitment to find the balance I need.


  1. Oh man, don't I know it? Next semester is going to be a killer for me--I'm taking three classes and teaching three (wtf was I thinking? I'm tired just thinking about it). I really need to start working out though, and that's going to have to be a priority for me. None of these things can become "back burner items". Solution? Invest in some more front burners, I guess.

  2. Really hit home for me. Great points, Mike.

  3. You know....if there were just 5 more hours in the day....


  4. So true and a major issue for so many people. But as long as you put the most important things first everything else will fall in to place!

  5. Wow I was just thinking that I was saying how tired I am teaching so long everyday I don;t have the energy to work out. Well guess what I have gotten up 2 days in a row and went 4 miles both days, I knew if I did it I would feel better and sleep better and have more energy but it is sure alot easier making the to busy or no energy excuse. Man I wish it was just a natural thing to want to workout instead of last on my list. Mike we are all in this together struggling in many of the same ways. thanks again for your inspiration. Now Go work out!
    Ha Ha Love Barb

  6. Love the Blog keep kickin butt Mike. I love the title. That's what mine is all about too. I need to add the progress and history stuff that you have to tell the story!

    Great work!